Top 10 Scariest Scenes from Non-Horror TV Shows

The scariest scenes from non-horror TV shows were expected to say the least. We’ll be looking at disturbing and unsettling sequences from non-horror television shows. As such, shows with a strong emphasis on horror, like The X-Files and The Twilight Zone, will not be included. There will also be some major twists ahead, so a spoiler warning is in effect! WatchMojo ranks the scariest scenes from non-horror TV shows. Which scene caught you off guard? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Teddy Perkins had me creeped out

  2. please enlighten me as to how the 9th Doctor series has 'not aged well'?

  3. Seeing Pvt. Pyle with that look in his eyes also killing Sgt. Hartman was scary Full Metal Jacket 1987.

  4. How is 9 scary? I was laughing the whole time lol.

  5. The Dollhouse killer on CSI, Robin's children on How I met Your Mother

  6. Watched Chernobyl in class, it was amazing

  7. i would argue Water on Mars on Doctor Who was terrifying. I refused to watch it when it first came out

  8. Nah, Blink and Silence in the Library were scarier than The Doctor Dances. The Gentlemen episode of Buffy and every last second of Chernobyl were masterpieces.

  9. the empty child !!!doctor who hhas to be my favorite show

  10. I would definetly give it to the scene in Chernobyl when the three divers go in under the reactor and their lights go out

  11. Personally the library episodes are the only ones that scared me.
    Other wise I wasn't all that fazed by any of the new era doctor who.

  12. What a good thing to watch at 1am

  13. number 1 is a joke. I dont know why but you people have a Dr Who boner. Adam Sandler's Grown Ups had scarier scenes than number 1.

  14. I would recommend "criminal minds" season 8 episode 10.

  15. Totally agree with the number 1…

  16. FRINGE is…. i know it wasnt the best thing out there, but I love that show with all of my heart

  17. the 9th entry is scarier than the rest. wtf…

  18. #1 scared the shit out of me

  19. I was literally typing out an angry comment about Empty Child not being on this list when I heard her say "are you my mummy?" lol

  20. Heroes, when Sylar hunt Claire in highschool, killing the other cheerleader, that was intense 😮

  21. I love Buffy, but why is it on this list? It's definitely a horror show.

  22. Drinking game, take a shot every time the narrator says "this may not be a horror show, but"

  23. The video tape scene from True Detective season 1 should be on this list.


  25. There could have been a few from ER, particularly the small pox outbreak

  26. Doctor Who? Come on. That show is all about horror elements.

  27. I would complain about Buffy only being in the Honorable Mentions, but I feel it is already a horror show.

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