Top 10 Scariest Roads You Should Never Drive On

Top 10 Scariest Roads You Should Never Drive On
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There are some roads out there that you should never drive on. Not only are they dangerous, but there have been many ghost appearances that causes a car to lose control. On today’s list, we will be talking about the Top 10 Scariest Roads You Should Never Drive On.
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  1. Not a fan of Abbey she says more than she needs to and shes not very funny

  2. Hey Abbey, welcome to MA10.

  3. In my opinion, 2 was probably the scariest.

  4. She’s awkward.. I freaking like it! ❤️😂

  5. abbey babe your slayin it, keep it up chica!!!!

  6. I miss Rebecca but I do like Abbey

  7. There was a Phantom Camaro!!!

  8. I'm sorry, but not going to be able to make it through this video, bit borring……sorry Abby, know ur new but I need more enthusiasm, I'm falling a sleep!

  9. Love this girl, hate this video.

  10. Look it’s Casper the host
    Also she has ZERO EMOTION

  11. I have been to riverdale road and I've seen the lady in white. Seen the hand signs, I have seen people standing on the side of the road and I've seen the car that follows, disappeared randomly from behind us when there was nowhere to turn off

  12. Clinton it named after the Clintons? That would explain the creepy things that happen on it.

  13. Gosh this girl needs to be more happy and enthusiastic. She's boring

  14. The girl on number seven kinda looks like Jade from Victorious…

  15. I , m for Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  16. Walhalla Rd. near where I live in Columbus, Ohio has several spooky legends!

  17. I like her she seems nice🤟🍭

  18. Am i the only ome who is wondering where rebecca went?

  19. Hi Abby, your doing fine.

  20. Who else misses Rebecca?? I for one definitely miss her. She was my favourite host/the best Slytherin Queen

  21. Bring back Rebekah fellgate

  22. Hey, Abbey! Welcome! You're doing fine. Slow down. Relax.
    Great video.

  23. ive been on the A75 and never saw anything

  24. Fun , love that there is a American doing these awesome !!!!!!!!

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