Top 10 Scariest Moments from The Shining

Come play with Noovie. Forever… and ever… and ever:

These are the top 10 scariest moments from visionary director Stanley Kubrick’s horror masterpiece “The Shining”. Stephen King might not be a fan, but horror enthusiasts consider it a classic – and a terrifying one at that! For this list, we’ll be revisiting the groundbreaking 1980 adaptation of the Stephen King novel by the same name, highlighting some of the most iconic scary moments in “The Shining”. From the hedge maze at the Overlook Hotel, to the famous elevator, to “Here’s Johnny!”, “The Shining” has no shortage of terrifying moments. What’s your favorite scary moment from “The Shining”? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Come play with Noovie. Forever… and ever… and ever:

  2. Just watched it today, and damn this movie is overrated! The Acting is at times is horrendous and it's not even scary at all. Damn nostalgia is cunning baffling and insidious.!

  3. Weirdest part for me was the bear scene for sure

  4. Do this video for the mini series please.

  5. The scariest scene might be jack talking to Grady in the bathroom without even looking at him

  6. The shining ain’t scary bro

  7. The real truth about Shining search Harmonize UNO here in you tube

  8. So we watched 'The Shining' in school at the end of the year. Was pretty hyped 'cause everyone calls it 'a masterpiece'. Turned out to be a very boring and overacted piece of garbage. I like slow burning horror movies but in this one everything seemed forced and just 'B movie-ish'.

  9. The scariest scene for me when I was a kid/teenager was hallorans death. These days, its definitely room 237 scene but.

  10. Redrum wasn’t a scary part. It was fucking annoying, I hate Danny doing Tony’s voice with a passion

  11. The zooms were really unsettling
    ..especially during the bear scene

  12. The costume was a dog costume and according to the book it was Horace derwent and another man and there was a sex act involved I will have to reread it to make sure.

  13. 6:04 one of scariest in movie history.

  14. 2:02 No it isn't.. it's the fact that he's in an animal costume and kneeling before a man.

  15. Crazy thing is that this happens for real all the time. Crazy father or mom murder his whole family after getting layed off from the Tyson chicken plant.

  16. Why is this movie scary? When you know it’s all fantasy.

  17. That was supposed to be the dog man from the book! Not the Bear man!

  18. Everyone says Here's Jhonny but no one says How's Jhonny

  19. I saw this when I was 7

  20. These cheap videos makes one think the woman describing the scenes has never even seen the film she's just reading a list in her fake enthusiastic voice.

  21. Make one for the IT 2

  22. Is The Bear Costume Guy and the normal guy ,,Gay"? And Wy Good People (Halloran) need to die ?

  23. Excuse me? Room 237 is #1? Here's Johnny should've been #1.

  24. The bear suit man clearly should have been #1. It is definitely 1 of the creepiest moments in all of movie history!

  25. i can't unsee the jim carrey in jack nickleson

  26. In my life, before 2010 or so there were only a few films that genuinely scared the crap out of me: The Shining was one, Silence of the Lambs, Goodfellas, Candyman, and the Grudge. Since 2010, let's just say I've found a lot more of them =)
    Since 2010 there's many many more Shining inspired horror films.

  27. Ooooo I'm so scared I hid in a cupboard

  28. The room 237 scene is so scary even Jack is terrified

  29. Yes indeed…that bear suit scene will always be the most frightening scene in any movie I've seen. Well that and that huge spider at the end of "Enemy."

  30. Dick Halloran doesn’t die by axe (or by Jack) in the sequel, Doctor Sleep. He and Danny share a moment in the start, giving Danny advice on how to stop seeing the ghosts… creepy 😮

  31. I'm 10 years old

  32. The Shining is not scary at all

  33. Notice they don't actually show the grady twins hacked to death in a blood stained hallway.

  34. Does anyone realise how scary Wendy’s stare is.

  35. When we got The Movie Channel, my younger brother would watch "The Shining" almost every time it came on. My mother would tell him to turn his head when the lady came out of the tub. One time he was watching it alone, and that scene was coming up. Being a good big sister, I hid on the stairs, hoping to catch him watching the scene. The woman pulled back the curtain…and my brother turned his head!

    Seriously, tho. Our oldest sister once asked him what his deal was with the movie. What did he like best about it? The effects? The horror? The scenery? My brother simply answered, "The little boy got away." It turned out that he was suffering from depression. At the age of 21 he committed suicide. My sister took his copy of the book "The Shining", and I took my copy of the book, and we both wrote on each inside cover, "Because he got away."

  36. The Bear Costume should be TOP 3 the deeper meaning of child molestation is disturbing

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