Top 10 Scariest Events In History

Top 10 Scariest Events In History
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So not gonna lie i’m quite excited for this one, its weird i get scared by fake scary stories and movies but when it comes to scary true events they don’t scare me. And i know it should be the other way around so im like whats that about? I mean hands down there have been a lot of scary stories throughout the span of history, a lot more than 10 that’s for sure but lets see which 10 are on the list today. These are the top 10 Scariest Events in History.

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  1. What do you think is the scariest event in history?

  2. Darkest top 10 list ever

  3. Those parents should be slowly tortured and killed. Make them feel more pain then they inflicted. I hope they are gone from this world

  4. So much sadness in this one

  5. Ayman hasan is absolutely gorgeous

  6. "Childrences lives" hmmm lmao

  7. 3:35 The expression of the man on the left (I'm assuming an attorney of some kind) is clearly one that says "I'm questioning all of my life's choices that led me to sit next to this nutjob."

  8. I thought this video meant scary huge historical events,though that smiley story was depressing

  9. Good God!! You look SSSSOOOO hot in this video!!

  10. Is it just me or is Ayman thicc?

    Also im exactly the 500th comment

  11. Mate i want a sun and that smiley wone damn

  12. I thought Jim Jones used Flavorade or some other knockoff.

  13. I’ll be a vegan for you

  14. Smiley case is heartbreaking

  15. Wow so we almost didint have 911 if he got eaten hahahah

  16. Wyd is "fenigen"?
    This chick…..

  17. Would love to be locked in a room with Smilies dad for five minutes. I would crush his soul.

  18. okay all of these are sad and scary but why eat the penis tho?

  19. After becoming a father kids stories of abuse is just so much worse. But them orphans should've been #1


  21. Hello! what's Guc- up people. 😅

    Nice video mate.

  22. Top 10 Scariest events in history of the USA.

  23. # 3 is horrible, hw could anymore hurt such a beautiful bby, i pray they are still in jail

  24. I know it's not on topic, but Such a beautiful women 😍😍

  25. Henry rathbone had the waaaaves tho 👀🔥🔥

  26. What if serial killer was his day job?

  27. I can't sleep cause i keep crying about smileys story😢😢😢

  28. had never heard of the orphans before this vid. Everyone knows about the residential schools but why does nobody talk about the orphan story???

  29. It's hard to listen with her accent -_-

  30. I hope Smiley's parents are burning in the bottom of the hell!

  31. I feel so sorry for smiley😭I’m glad that he’s now in a safer place. Heaven.

  32. Wait because my name is marcell😒

  33. I’m saying that wrong but you shouldn’t show it!!!

  34. Ok you people have to learn I have been going around YouTube telling people stuff not to do and you just showed a picture of Kappy

  35. OMG that smiley story is so sad😭😭😢

  36. OMG those poor poor children 😭😭😢

  37. This video 2 minutes in 🤢

  38. That pic on the the video that even has always had me guessing I’ve always wanted to know what happened

  39. Eeee I get euphoria and chills ever time I go on this channel I love this channel and all its host/hostesses

  40. I don't have a penis, but it hurts

  41. Jonestown wasn’t suicide. It was a murder


  43. Ayman Hasan and Rebecca Felgate, my favourite hostess

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