Top 10 Saves from Week 2 | 2019-20 NHL Season

Carter Hart makes a dazzling save on Taylor Hall, Henrik Lundqvist gets a glove on a sure goal for the Oilers and Marc-Andre Fleury continues to amaze with multiple highlight-reel stops

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  1. Once again lots of great saves as a goalie it’s so fun to see fleury deserves the cover so thx last week I agree too so many great goalies

  2. Hhbhbhbhbubhbuhuhuhuhuhunuj

  3. S. G A Y H S M W D G I O G H S.

  4. My boy Fleury does it again. Best goaltender in the NHL.

  5. Fleury with three saves in the top ten!! Flower Power! GKG!!

  6. I see a #79 Jersey in my near future

  7. What a bunch of great saves. Harts was top notch play staying with it, way awesome to see that young net minder.

  8. bassline on that background song is porn. Nice saves

  9. I’m a simple man.
    I see 🌸 I click.

  10. 4:50 It's a psychological trick: He's giving them an open net ON PURPOSE… So that they'll rush it low to the ice… making it easier to save.
    He doesn't want the shooter take an extra half-second to cup the puck & roof it with a wrist shot: That would be more difficult to save.

  11. Markstrom looking like Hasek with that shootout save

  12. I was wondering where was the Dubnyk and Hart saves against NJD, well one of them is no1 lol

  13. Pause the video and at 5:18 the pucks in

  14. Man Hart and Fleury in 1 video? AMAZING they're my faves

  15. As a Pens fan, watching Flower light it up makes me happysad.

  16. 5:17, If you look very closely, the puck went in the net. I am not 100% sure but it looked like the puck went in or it could've been the camera angle.

  17. iu mean fleurys's saves against predators

  18. Fleaury shoul've gotthe best save he made 4 fabolous stops :)!

  19. dubnyk's fourth impossible stop this year but the most impossible thing is for him to win a game with minesota

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