Top 10 Saves from Week 1 | 2019-20 NHL Season

Sergei Bobrovsky is already making highlight-reel stops for the Florida Panthers while Philipp Grubauer saves the game for the Avalanche

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  1. Grubauer makes big saves leading to goals

  2. And Koskinens save of Hughes in the shootout isn't here???

  3. The NHL youtube team is amazing. Such great content. Timely highlights and its all free. So much better than other leagues.

  4. Save by Gru!!!!! #GoAvsGo

  5. Lundqvist needs to be in there like omg there were so many saves from week 1!!!!!

  6. Rinne’s saves👀

  7. Carter Hart should have been number one save against Taylor Hall

  8. Where is Hart's save on Hall?

  9. Kuemper is insane. I hope Raanta does well on Saturday.

  10. I think I know what #1 is going to be next week. His name rhymes with Baby Shark.

  11. Chill everybody. Hart's save is in week TWO not the first.

  12. How was Carter Harts save against Hall not in here.

  13. Last night's Carter Hart (basically game winning save) on a 5 on 3 (that the Devils had for a full 2 minutes) might be top 25 for save of the year. I know it just happened so it can't be on this list but…. I'm just saying. It was AMAZING.

  14. I'm glad that I kept Kuemper for my fantasy team!

  15. Surprised Carter hart's glove save from last night wasnt on this 10 ten saves. He also got the shutout.

  16. where was carter harts save against the devils?

  17. What about the save by hart

  18. 4:28 that poor nash fan in the back lol. watch his heart break

  19. I was prepared to say that we must be in the end times with the NHL paying respect to the Flyers in a top ten about something positive, but nope, NHL keeping Carter Hart's save off this list is bs.

  20. Carey price vs the canes?!!

  21. There were about 10 other saves that many weeks would be top 10. It was a great start to the year for big stops. Halak, Gibson, Price, and more, all made a great save.

  22. That’s the most goalie thing to do 1:39

  23. very nice save by big save dave

  24. Hummm where’s Carter’s save

  25. Where is Berniers save vs Dallas

  26. Week 1 and these saves are already ridiculous. I love it

  27. I guess Bobrovsky used up all of his great saves in the first week of the season so the Canes could blow him out

  28. #2 is pryetty lame….average save then backflip….looks like an idiot to me if anything.

  29. Ummmm hello??? Rimer made some HUGE STOPS in this first week. Where are they NHL??

  30. Why does Keith Urban sound English?

  31. Good ones pegorino

  32. wheres the carter hart save?

  33. Thought I would see Hart's save on Hall here… also thought Dubnyk would be No. 1

  34. Dubnyk's was the best imo

  35. Starting to think goaltenders are the most dehydrated people out there, always drinking H20 🤔🤔🤔

  36. Love how Gru is #4, but got 2 different saves showcased.

  37. Goalies against the Wild are insane. Happened last year too

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