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Top 10 Saddest Teen Movie Endings // Subscribe:
The saddest teen movie endings continue to break our hearts. We’re looking at the most devastating conclusions to movies about teenagers. There’s no happily ever after here. MsMojo ranks the saddest teen movie endings. Which teen movie ending left you broken up? Let us know in the comments!
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  1. Check out our featured song: "I'm Here" by Helga Arvesten!

  2. I think It says a lot about a person that has seen all these movies

  3. i’ve watched Call Me By Your Name like 5 times and i still cry at the ending wishing it wasn’t the end of the movie or there’s a second movie coming out

  4. you KNOW a movie hits u when you cry at a scene on a countdown, thanks cmbyn

  5. Durin der Unsterbliche Reply

    Technicaly not a teen movie but grave of the fireflies feels like it could've been in here.

  6. Connie Mitchell Reply

    I love the movie a walk to remember! It was amazing and sad.

  7. For me the ending of the death cure is sadder than maze runner bc of the letter and everything😢😌

  8. Armando .Vantes8561 Reply

    I remember watching Romeo and Juliet in my English class after reading the book and everyone was screaming at Juliet to speak before Romeo killed himself. Everyone screamed SAY SOMETHING, OH MY GOD

  9. GaMeR_ GiRl0497 Reply

    I dont know if the lovely bones was one or my sisters keeper but i cried

  10. Tristia Thompson Reply

    Can someone give me a list of the movies that were in this video? I wanna know what the movies are so I can watch them, without having it spoiled for me.


    I was on a plane while watching Me and Earl and The Dying Girl and Five Feet Apart. My dad kept looking at me like I was crazy when I was sobbing.😂

  12. Okuno Satsu Reply

    I don't get it, why people are watching such movies😢😅😭

  13. The moment when you see Jughead from Riverdale on the thumbnail and later you realise it is not about Riverdale…

  14. maria alejandra peña arteaga Reply

    I'm a simple person I see Cole Sprouse I click

  15. Ameloa Focker Reply

    Okay but like. Why does it seem like I’m the only one uncomfortable about call me by your name? Like does it not bother anyone else that there’s 7 years in between the characters and one of them is 17?? That’s really fucking gross to me. And I normally jump at the chance to get any queer representation but not with this. I’m just too grossed out by it. But no one else seems to be

  16. The fault in our stars made me cry my absolute heart out and i never cry with movies

  17. Call me by your name is so unbelievably sad omg when elio looks into the camera at the fireplace and tears fall after he finds out Oliver is engaged i can’t bear it

  18. Just remembered A Star Is Born is extremely sad. I wasn’t expecting the ending and I was crying so hard. These movies mess me up man

  19. cole sprouse is such a great actor, i didnt even watch five feet apart and i wanted to cry cuz he was crying

  20. Beth Cottingham Reply

    Omg five feet apart made me cry sooooooooooooo much I flooded my house

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