Top 10 Saddest K-Dramas

Check out our featured song: “I’m Here” by Helga Arvesten!
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Even if you don’t speak the language, you can see why these are the saddest K-dramas. These are the shows that will tear apart your soul, but somehow still leave you wanting more. We’re taking a look at some of the most heartbreaking television series ever to come out of South Korea. MsMojo ranks the saddest K-dramas. Which K-drama made you cry the hardest? Let us know in the comments!
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  1. Check out our featured song: "I'm Here" by Helga Arvesten!

  2. Before kpop became I remember watching k drama was aired here in the Philippines when I was a Little kid

  3. Am I ashamed that I have watched all these dramas?

  4. The name is Oh Ri Jin not Oh Ji Rin…
    In Kill me Heal me….
    also, any movie those 2 star in together has been heartbreaking!!

  5. The saddest Kdrama is when Kim Jong Un didn’t hug the South Korean President ;(

  6. There was a really good one recently and that I watched it was called mother or mothers. Such a sad sad story. Definitely worth watching. It's basically about a teacher and her student and the events that happened to the student. And the teacher going above and beyond to protect.

  7. I agree. So glad you put Stairway to Heaven. That was my ultimate saddest story. Although a lot of those were closed seconds. And I found some new ones that I can watch as well. Thank you

  8. Autumn in my heart should be here that was the first kdrama that started the Korean wave in Asia

  9. Stairway to heaven is the sadness korean drama for me. Back in 2010 I watched the drama from DVD. I cried in every episode. Park Shin Hye was still a baby 😊.

  10. Wrong clip for "Secret Love". "Autumn in my Heart" and " Innocent Man" should have made the list.

  11. For real I love k drama and kpop and everything to do with South Korea

  12. Mr. Sunshine ripped my heart out so many times! Love, love, loved it! But man did I cry!

  13. what happened in Bali?

  14. Endless Love Jennie and Johnny is not here? I've cried a ton from that. There's a lot of tear jerker series that doesn't make the lists. Cinderella's sister is a tear jerker too.

  15. Glad to see Moon embraces the sun in the list. I don't think I've cried so much watching Kdramas before. Both child & adult actors/actresses did an incredibly great job with the acting!

  16. I only came here for stairway to heaven 10:41

  17. Maybe you look past our Channel many greetings from Volker and Wally

  18. Whenever I feel like crying I watch Stairway to heaven. Haven't watched your #1 though, so I can't fight you on my choice being the best.

  19. Where's Autumn In My Heart?

  20. Anyone tell me Scarlet heart second season come or not ?

  21. 49 Days was the 1st K drama I ever watched and it was amazing. I binged the bjesus out of it recomend it whenever I can.

  22. How could “autumn in my heart” not make the list??????

  23. You should do one for tevenovelas

  24. I've watched over a hundred K-dramas and only two have made me legit cry. 49 Days was one of them.

  25. add this to your list
    ahjussi – starred by iu

  26. Bridal Mask is pretty brutal as well… Should have at least been an HM.

  27. THAT WINTER THE WIND BLOWS, ANOTher Song hye kyo sad drama. Autumn in my heart, brought mE into Kdrama. What is your basis to outcome to this top 10 sad kdrama. ? or you must do part 2 .. Theres a lot of good and sad drama.

  28. Endless love(Autumn in my heart) should be in the list.. Song Hye Kyo Hallyu Queen

  29. The clip to "Secret Love" is wrong! 😱 I was so happy to see it on the list

  30. My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho (2010). SD

  31. Where is Endless Love: Autumn in my Heart?

  32. Something happened in Bali, with Ha Ji won and Jo In sung and So Ji sub, this drama broke my heart..I was crying ugly all over the place…😭😭😭😭😭

  33. moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo desperately needs a second season or a DVD with deleted scenes at least for now

  34. Where's Autumn In My Heart?

  35. 7 should've shown another Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum (the leads for Kill Me, Heal Me). Who the fudge edited this?

  36. Queen for Seven Days is a recent drama that brings in the tears. But yes, Stairway to Heaven was just too much to bear.

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