Top 10 Saddest Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Moments

Top 10 Saddest Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Moments // Subscribe:

The saddest Crazy Ex-Girlfriend moments will leave you feeling so broken inside. We’ll be looking at times in the show’s four seasons that brought tears to our eyes. We hope you have a box of tissues nearby. MsMojo ranks the saddest Crazy Ex-Girlfriend moments. Which Crazy Ex-Girlfriend moment made you cry? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Which Crazy Ex-Girlfriend moments did you find the most heartbreaking? Let us know below!

  2. Please continue to give us CXG content kernels I can't bear losing this show

  3. My favorite show <3

  4. When Rebecca sings "The Darkness"

  5. Greg finding out rebecca and josh slept together, and his 'i could if I wanted to' short reprise :(( I loved greg and round about then when all the bad things started happening to him made me so sad

  6. The part that made me cry the most was when she told the flight attendant that she needed help because it takes a lot of courage to ask for help sometimes, especially when it has to do with a persons mental health🥺😭💕

  7. I…was about to go to sleep tonight, counting sheep and outta the blue Ms. Mojo had a CXG video so I decided to…(read in CXG season one tune)

  8. More Crazy Ex-Girlfriend content please and thank you ✨

  9. As sad and revolting the prison stories are, how can one not laugh at Rebecca's "ratata"????

  10. Rebecca's Reprise was something i was happy about until i realized what she was saying

  11. Number 4 wasn't really sad, it was confusing and didn't make any sense with what we had seen with these two before

  12. I miss this show so much already. I was initially drawn to it because i'm a big musical theatre nerd, but the more I watched, the more I loved how it shone such an important light on mental health.

  13. I crimes forhpurs because of The airplane scene

  14. Rebecca's relapse +/the darkness song.

  15. Can you do a top 10 stiles and his dad I think that would be great

  16. We all knew 1 before the video started

  17. It was such and amazing show, it deserved more credit and acknowledgement

  18. In the first few episodes of series 2 when Greg told Rebecca he was driving over to tell her he loves her when he got the dui.
    Man that hit me right in the feels

  19. Rachel Bloom is so wonderful and under appreciated!

  20. Can you do the best from izombie

  21. Top 10 Reasons MsMojo Went Too Far

  22. crazy ex girlfriend is so amazing

  23. Number 1 had me tearing up just being reminded of it in this video

  24. This is the most underrated show to ever exsist.
    I miss it so much.

  25. Mean Papa😢😒😜😍

  26. The “Face Your Fears” reprise where Nathaniel opens the door but Rebecca’s gone. That moment was super sad. Or Josh laughing at Rebecca’s love note.

  27. Does anyone know the background music in the video? I've been looking forever.

  28. Hello saudações 🇧🇷 belíssimo seu canal 🌹
    Obrigada por compartilhar ótimos vídeos 👍🔔
    Muitos beijos com carinho 😘 Love 😍

  29. Yayyy more crazy ex girlfriend lists, please

  30. i swear to God i've been craving Crazy ex-girlfriend contents on youtube

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