These are the top 10 releases coming to streaming services (including Netflix, Disney+ and Apple TV+) coming to streaming services in November 2019. We’re officially living in the golden age of streaming! For this list, we’re looking at new original content set to be released in the month of November 2019 across a variety of major streaming services. With shows like “See”, “The Crown”, and “The Mandalorian”, and movies like “The King” and “The Irishman”, it’s gonna be a good month to sit on the couch and binge. What’s your favorite release coming to a streaming service this November? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Jaxson Burke Reply

    The Irishman and The Mandalorian! I have nothing else to live for this November!

  2. Aaron Murillo Reply

    all these dont look good at all , is earthquake bird a movie or series ? if series i might get into it look im not into anything right now for netflix so i stop getting it i just have dc universe but im waiting for witcher to come out . Disney plus mandalorian looks good might get back into star wars until the messed it up with all these new movies , marvel tv shows idk im not that into the characters of that have new shows , so i think i might start with amazon and watch a couple series idk

  3. Back in 1995 it was Pacino that killed De Niro in "Heat" but in 2019 it'll be De Niro killing Pacino in "The Irishman"

  4. Slender In DragonBall Reply

    I kept seeing dragon thinking I’d se dragon ball on the list 😭

  5. PanTostado :D 123 Reply

    Coscu y las pelotudez que dijo!! Ah me equivoqué de canal.
    Ya me voy

  6. The golden age of streaming was like 6 years ago now everything is split I hate this crap

  7. Dylan DuBose Reply

    I'm here for everything except Encore.
    And I'm hoping Disney does an entire Starwars Universe out side of the films. The Marvel universe will thrive of course.
    But what if they go back and I mean way back in the Star Wars mythos. I'm excited

  8. Hum… only thing I care about came up in the honorable mentions, then again I rarely care much for what is a draw to most.

  9. When is Rick and Morty season 4 coming? And which streaming service??

  10. jacob drolet Reply

    Amazing stuff to check out on this services fantastic watchmojo another enjoyable video marvellous job

  11. You missed Atypical Season 3 (Nov. 1 on Netflix) and Jack Ryan Season 2 (Nov. 1 on Prime Video)

  12. Abram Sullivan Reply

    The last time I saw Robert Dinarow he was playing as a talk show host name Murray and then Joker shot him in the head.

  13. “ A king has no friends.. Only followers & foe” I love that line!!

  14. Not everyone is rich as watchmojo. Keep up the good work watchmojo/Rebecca ❣️

  15. So:
    Subscribe: Netflix & Disney

    Cheat: Subscribe to apple for a month and bing the crap out of it.

    Popcorn time: The rest.


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