Top 10 Reasons to Binge The Boys

The Boys are here and they’re ready to fight! Today we’re counting the reasons you need to binge this new superhero comedy show. Who cares about Avengers: Endgame anymore right? Right??? The Boys is the most recent superhero show from Amazon Prime and its turning heads all across the globe!

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  1. Already a fan of the show, check out our article on the Top 10 WTF Moments from The Boys here!:

  2. I only need 2 reasons To watch The boys. Homelander and Billy Butcher

  3. Karl Fucking Urban, man! That guy is a walking seal of approval as far as I am concerned. A bit like Gary Oldman.

  4. Homelander vs captain hero from drawn together.

  5. The Preacher man looks exactly like this Butcher man… Coincidence? 🤔

  6. Who is the owner of this channel? He must be a rich man!

  7. I personally find it a little too pessimistic and cynical but I love the refreshing take. It's a show that came out at just the right moment.

  8. So if the supers are evil then does that make Billy butcher the batman?

  9. Is crazy how quickly you can get used to shitty superhero names

  10. Reasons to not binge the boys
    1. My parents won’t let me

  11. Gladiator vs Homelander who wins? I vote Gladiator

  12. What makes me like it more is its humor. Not the childish comedies we've been forced to watch for so long.

  13. Homelander is as scary as brightburn.
    Blame his clone (black noir) for unknowingly drive him psychotic and insane.

  14. Just finished watching it now, o absolutely hate Homelander

  15. How dare she say that about deadpool

  16. Marvel/MCU & DC/DCEU Has Left The Chat

    Disney & Warner Brothers Has Left The Chat

  17. “You Guys Are The Great Heroes! GOD BLESS AMERICA!” ~ Homelander (Antony Starr)

    When I’m Homelander.

  18. I cannot wait for season 2. Holy shit!!!!

  19. Admit it. Right at moment you saw the exploding girl friend, you knew you were hooked already.

  20. This show is why Superman 1978 has him spend 20 years in the fortress of solitude being conditioned to not act on these feelings.

  21. Great show… I'd recommend to anyone

  22. I don’t like super hero movies and stuff and I loved this show. It’s brilliant.

  23. Vaught xompletly stole the variant logo

  24. Marvel
    The Boys

    (Actually take off DC and just leave the The Dark Knight)

  25. Justice League copy haha

  26. Maybe DC should use the the boys's director for their movie 😂

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