Top 10 Reasons NOT to Move to Denver, Colorado

The Top 10 reasons You Should NOT move to Denver, Colorado and the worst things you NEED to know about moving to Colorado Springs or Boulder instead.
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What’s it like living in Denver? Well first off, the elevation is higher than most cities at 5,280 feet above sea level and it’s located right next to the beautiful front range of the Rocky Mountains. The weather here is crazy and gets very cold with lots of snow but also very hot and dry in the Summer. It’s actually the largest city in Colorado, and along with Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Boulder and other secluded mountain towns, one of the best cities to live in America. A lot of people are moving from California and Texas to the Mile High City, making it one of the fastest growing and most expensive cities in the United States. If the Centennial State has the #1 economy, why shouldn’t you live in Denver, CO?
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  1. Can we hit 500 Likes?! Hope you all enjoy Denver and let me know any other types of videos you wanna see! Top 10 Worst States is COMING SOON 🙂
    In all honesty, Colorado is one of my favorite states and Denver is an amazing city that has so much going for it!
    Which city / state should we cover NEXT?!

  2. I miss Denver being a cow town…

  3. Yes, keep persuading people to not move here, it’s getting to populated

  4. You should do Charlotte N.C. 😊

  5. Totally agree with what you had to say. The traffic light timing is horrible. Homeless situation is very bad. Glad I saved $100000 and got out of there.

  6. Its rely pretty good at dancers

  7. What should I move outside of denver or something

  8. Stop transplanting here! I'm a native! Go away! Texas, California & New York plates everywhere!

  9. Dude. That blue horse is creepy. I see it all the time

  10. Your voice makes me want to stuff my ear canals full of broken glass and lava.

  11. Im from Colorado springs but live in Denver. I love it.

  12. I will keep staying here if weed would go back to be illegal like other states, but, most likely, that would never happen:( so yeah, I am absolutely moving away…hahaha

  13. I got used to the weather

  14. Thanks for the video. Anything to help people not move to here I support. I assume the residents complaining about it on this feed are making plans to move out as well. Every city has its list of issues.

  15. I have lived here for over a decade and I can tell you for a fact that the number one reason that you shouldn't move to Denver is because there is already way too many ppl here and the natives will just tell you to go back where you came

  16. I live In Aurora CO and i love it here

  17. I am homeless it Is cool i love Colorado AND peaple

  18. The locals are THE WORST DRIVERS IN THE US!

  19. 10 reasons ????…..I got 1000 reasons to not live there!!!!!!

  20. Aside from #10 (since this only lasts up to 3 months) these are really accurate and good points. 9 good reasons not to move here and 9 good reasons to move away lol.

  21. Too true and funny. We have gone from 70 to snow in a day. I still wouldn’t trade Denver for anywhere else

  22. I been here for 8 years and I still can’t get used to of the high altitude and the thin air but they don’t have good food not like Chicago or California the food sucks here but after a while you’ll get used to it and the hail that really gets me mad 😡 is annoying damaging your car every year and if you love the out door don’t listen to this guy because In summer it rains and in winter ❄️ is like 12 degrees in summer go out doors in the morning because it rain almost everyday in the afternoon

  23. Please leave Colorado and don’t come back

  24. Haha, #9…it's snowing right now

  25. People please… Get high then leave!

  26. It's all a lie, don't come here anymore
    It sucks ass , go to anywhere else, go ,not here it sucks already!
    Got it?

  27. Been here my whole life and I can't even continue living here smh

  28. As a lifelong native of Denver, I can vouch – this video is INSANELY accurate!! My mom still complains about wearing a jacket when I leave the house

  29. For the love of God stop moving to Colorado I can't afford anyone else good I can't even go to the mountains to get away from you people because you're there too stay off my trails

  30. One reason that may both make you move to Denver or stay away from Denver is a guy named "Eric Brandt" do a search on the name (or go to his channel here on YouTube), it will open your eyes.

  31. One attractive feature of CO (not just Denver) CO has a pretty high allowable income rate so as you can get the states version of Medicaid. This certainly does not matter to many but with 10,000 seniors (Baby Boomers) retiring each day with 20% having only SS retirement (average payout 1350.00 per month) it has a sort of attraction. Hard to live and pay rent and get medical care on 1350.00 per month.

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