Top 10 Reasons Joker Will Sweep at the Oscars

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These are the top 10 reasons that director Todd Phillips’ film “Joker” (2019) starring Joaquin Phoenix will sweep at the Academy Awards. For this list, we’re taking a look at why “Joker” (2019) is going to be this year’s dark horse at the Academy Awards… and we’re not just talking about the Best Actor race! From its status as a different kind of comic book movie (like “Black Panther” and “Logan”), to its Martin Scorsese influences, to Joaquin Phoenix’s jaw-dropping performance, join WatchMojo as we count down all the reasons we think “Joker” (2019) is the movie to beat at next year’s Oscars ceremony. Why are you most excited for “Joker”? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Check out our featured song: "Catch Hell For Comfort" by Cultural Vultures!

  2. Lets be real … everybody just being bunch of enemies for this movie … this movie will not get oscar … FUCK OSCAR

  3. Joker does not deserve Oscar but Oscar deserves joker!

  4. Calling it right now: Joker wont win Best Picture.
    It will certainly take home its fair share of awards including Best Actor….but it will be the most controversial non winner for best picture.

  5. He needs a fucking oscar. Give it to him and put a smile on our faces

  6. joker will not getting any oscars. i go as far as to say it might not even get any nomination

  7. Logan was so fucking Underrated and black panther was sooo overrated. I can't even watch black panther a second time, it's just a one time watch with so many clichés. Hugh Jackman should've at least been nominated for best actor if not won, on the other hand.

  8. Has the Irishman already come out?

  9. Uncle Bob will be Joker for Halloween and walk his pet lizard on a leash

  10. Prediction: Juaqin wins Oscar for best actor. After being handed his Oscar, he starts his speech by turning to his Oscar presenter and asks them: "How about another joke." Oscar presenter craps their pants on live TV.

  11. Give the man the Oscar 🏆

  12. If by accident there's a sequel please don't call it "Joker 2"
    Sincerely , me.

  13. Let’s not forget about the score in the film

  14. Please do a joker vs avengers endgame!

  15. Phoenix is much better than the movie as a whole. What's weird is that I had no idea that fans of Batman want their Joker to not be a brilliant criminal mastermind, but an unintelligent, socially awkward weirdo/loser who just haphazardly becomes a killer. Joker won't sweep at the Oscars at all, because the Academy Awards won't want another Crash on their hands.

  16. If Joaquin Phoenix doesn’t win the Oscar for best picture it will destroy their credibility

  17. Everyone in 2019: joker will definitely win a Oscar!
    Everyone in 2020: HOW DID IT WIN MOST OF THE OSCARS

  18. Phoenix at the oscars:
    You wanna know how I got this Oscar?

  19. I hope Mr. Phoenix shows up to the Oscars dressed as Joker.

  20. I’ll say it. Black Panther only got the awards it did because of the skin color of the cast. It wasn’t that great of a movie:

  21. It should at very least get Nominations for:
    Best Picture
    Best Actor in a lead role (Joaquin Pheonix)
    Best Director (Todd Phillips)
    Best Cinematography
    Best Adapted Screenplay
    Best Sound Managment

  22. 3:29 My thoughts exactly
    A horny girl who would frick anything in sight gets Oscars

  23. It's between Joker, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, and the Irishman for best film.

  24. Can't understand what kind of drugs is tomatometer on to rate JOKER less than Captain Marvel

  25. The shape of water is disgusting. She fucks the fish guy. Twice.

  26. The only film with any potential to beat this for any award is The Irishman which looks like its going to be really good

  27. If joker doesn’t win an Oscar we riot with clown masks😂

  28. "You Either Die A Hero, Or You Live Long Enough To See Yourself Become The Villain"- Long live the Joker!

  29. Tarantino will be gutted, because I'm sure he would have expected the Oscar for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

  30. Joaquin Phoenix for JOKER
    Robert downey jr for ENDGAME


    Fixed it. lol.

  32. Than your setting up for heartbreak as:

     AVENGERS ENDGAME takes the floor. Its the superior cinema and film of the arts and sciences of 2019.

    the movie only showed this is the best, "Dark" gets…. its a bust, been a bust, and with Buena Vista gaining Fox and Searchlight, that is access for rated R type studios… The recognition and acceptance of the marvel studio model to Golden Hollywood is a crowning to present Marvel/Disney along with thanks to the Academy… for the scene within Hollywood where a standard is kept for all, and to allow then expansion of the art and science to all levels and rates, and around the world…. if your the academy, you want to be the obvious choice as well. Its about time a film made as much as its importance, for the sake of the art and film.

    Imagine, if there was only one copy left of Avengers Endgame… it would be worth, yup….. about 2.9 Billion. Thankfully its digital and there are enough quantity to keep it affordable. Next time you see the Avenger ENDGAME move posters, think about that.

    the winners are simple as RDJ for best actor, whether RDJ wants it, he is, Chris Evans as Supporting, the Russos are without a doubt as they arose to #1 all time, best music by the peak of the avengers theme in its most epic version by Silvestri, and the most obvious winner as Kevin Fiege… get real, that's just a few.

    you just gave me 10 reason Joker will be looked over and underscores that, thanks to ENDGAME and its outcome as winners, as the academy associates itself with winners, being nominated is an honer again… for losers. IF the years showed anything.. its that you better make it obvious…. and ENDGAME being as as purely cinematic Americana since gone with the wind or war of the worlds… or dare i say… lord of the rings….. and billions of other reasons, but i need only one reason….. #1 all time. you should recognize, that's the point of your existence, not grandstand, that's why they cue the music.

    Also, Robert DeNiro is a good example that "The Irishman" is on Netflix and Streaming, and is the new Indie Platform…. and the Academy should recognize in time. Bobby D is just now creating the modern mafia with other actors and new studios and directors and writers, building a new generation of the mafioso films genre. Becoming a writer/producer himself.

  33. Why did you die heath, i wish he was still alive to witness this!!!

  34. They should have started whit Phoenix….He really dissapeared into the character and makes you feel the silent anger, the profound desolation of Arthur… I think that is really the awesome job he did… he brougth the Joker alive…

  35. Heath Ledger’s performance is not posthumous. That would be impossible. The award was made posthumously.

  36. I want Joker to do well in the Oscars, considering how Marvel movies are loved by the critics and that Black Panther was nominated for Best Picture (it did NOT deserve that).

  37. The Cinematography was fucking incredible.

  38. Does anyone really care about what the academy thinks???

    Watch what you like!

  39. Marvel is the best superhero franchise

    DC: Send in the clown

  40. I don't think it will win Best Picture because of the subject matter but it would be a crime for Phoenix not to win Best Actor. He carries 100% of the film.

  41. No wonder why Marlon Brando refused an Oscar award 😂😂

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