Top 10 Real Life Criminals Scarier Than The Grudge

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The grudge franchise started in 2002 with the horror movie Ju-On (the Grudge) and was remade in 2004 with Sarah Michelle Gellar, and the grudge is coming back in 2020.Now there are many real life criminals that still haven’t been caught and some are scarier even than the grudge and we all know how creepy the grudge was! So lets jump in! This is the Top 10 Real Life Criminals Scarier Than The Grudge.
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  1. Axe…not hatchet. For lizzie.
    Lizzie Borden took an axe gave her mother 40 wacks. When she thought that she was done she gave her father 41

  2. I believe Jack the Ripper has been identified. Apparently it was the Polish suspect. It wasn't until they could test a scarf with his DNA on it.

  3. No body scares me anymore.
    Does that mean I should be worried .

  4. You should to a Top 10 scary or mysterious things found in working factories

  5. Bit confused about why a photo of Elena de Hoyos, a victim of grave-robbery, corpse mutilation and necrophilia, was used as the criminal in number 10…

  6. Love your shirt Abbey ❤❤

  7. Is it me but doesn't Abby look like #10??? Creepy…

  8. How do you buy 32 coffins and not draw attention?

  9. Abby: Those people are scary
    Akame ga kill : I will end this female's whole careere xD

  10. Whereas the English squad

    I also have a channel

  11. OMG Abbey you look so cute!!

  12. i have to say i don't see any of these people scarier then the grudge but they are still disgusting people

  13. Regarding Lizzie Borden; her father had an illegitimate son from another relationship.

  14. I first thought it was lily reinhart who was the host >^<

  15. The Borden House isn't in New Orleans. It's in Fall River, MA.

  16. Ugh. Not New Orleans, New England.

  17. I honestly believe that lizzie killed her dad and stepmom

  18. Isnt that Josef Fritzl in the photo at number 2?

  19. why would you tell him 🤦🏾‍♂️

  20. Diggin' the shirt, Abby!

  21. Who is the new girl

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