Top 10 Raw moments: WWE Top 10, Sep. 9, 2019

WWE Top 10 takes you back to this week’s Monday Night Raw to revisit the show’s most thrilling, physical and controversial moments – Presented by TapOut
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  1. Only people who went saw stone cold stun aj again

  2. Stone cold Stunner!!!

  3. I love you roman

  4. 3:41 When legends strike back.

  5. Stone cold is my favourite

  6. Clase equipo ese ufff

  7. I must say AJ sold that stunner pretty god damn good. But he's but the fact that he honestly think he's better than Stone Cold makes me sick.

  8. Is it me or does stone cold Steve Austin (I didn't know what to shorten it to) never age

  9. WWE RAW is turning into a Rock concert!!!! Everywhere something interesting nd exciting is happen

  10. Quiero que undetaker vuelva

  11. Are those warriors going to fake leukemia to go film a fast and furious movie? Oh wait that's just Roman..f you Reigns. Fake @$$

  12. I am a big fan of ricochet

  13. Stone cold Steve Austin 😘💀

  14. Stone cold stunner

  15. When Bray says see you in hell he is not kidding there is a such thing as the devil his name literally means adversary this is just one the ways he is throwing it right in your face, laughing at you, Sadly the majority of today's world are blind to the enemy. They say the best place to hide is right in front of you that is 100% true, Please repent people there is Good news Jesus is the Good news seek him while you are still alive after death it is to late I love you all that's why I am warning you.

  16. Gimme a hell yeah!!!

  17. Now this is the Roman we wanna see

  18. 2:35 me trying to swim for the first time

  19. 4:39 cae en cualquier parte menos en Zamoa joe

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