Top 10 Rarest Pokémon for Pokémon Sword and Shield

Pokemon Sword and Shield’s rare Pokemon can be hard to catch, but here are the 10 rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield and how to find the rarest Pokemon in the games. A lot of people might be wondering how to catch rare Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield, so we look just at the hardest Pokemon to catch with these rare Pokemon are and where to find them. Welcome to the Top 10 Rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield and the Top 10 Hardest Pokemon to Catch in Pokemon Sword and Shield!
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  1. Dreepy was easy to catch. It took me 5 minutes to find one in the lake of outrage during a thunder storm. I found two drakloak’s under 10 minutes.

  2. "The Motorolla gym"

  3. I literally suprise trade every 5iv dreepy i breed just to get god damb wooloos. Fuck those sheep

  4. I've found a bunch of these pokemon and never realized how rare they are lol, I spend a bunch of time in the wild area

  5. You need flash fire not flame body to attract fire pokemon

  6. Fun fact: You can find dreepys evolved form in the lake of outrage. Weather condition: heavy fog just change the day to 1st June 2020

    Edit: I sadly did like my own commet xd

  7. i got dreepy first encounter in overcast

  8. Wait, I found centascorch on my first try. Same with dreepy…

  9. When is there gonna be a region of USA?

  10. Isn't it actually easy to Catch sizzliepede by using a Pokemon with flare Blitz at the Front of your Team because of the increased Chance.
    Caught Mine Like this

  11. Aight, I'mma say it.

    Grimmsnarl Dynamax looks like a stand from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

  12. Well fuck that Grampa, I found him and not fufnmdmddkkzks dreeEEPYY

  13. I failed a gigantamax Centiskorch. T_T

  14. What about Rotom? It has a 0.2% chance of spawning.

  15. Sizzilipede is a confirmed encounter at the gym, when your doing the gym mission

  16. I thought that there was something off with the shatter star shinies because I kept seeing more videos of them than the normal ones

  17. In the fire gym, you can encounter a Sizzlipede in one corner, and get 2 points for catching it.

  18. Lol i got dreepy in wonder trade

  19. u can trade for a dura in game so it aint that rare

  20. Starts at 0:38 😉

  21. I caught a dreepy and didn’t even know it was rare .—.

  22. It’s been years since I’ve played Pokémon and I forgot just how In depth it can be. I don’t have the time to dive in like I wish I could but I’m still enjoying playing it and catching whatever I can.

  23. I've gotten so may Dreepy over surprise trade. I actually didn't know they were that rare ^^;

  24. 2:20 Basically Gamefreak's way of saying, "what if we made shiny hunting more complex?"

  25. O so my starred shiny is super rare? O

  26. The bug pokemon seemed to ugly so Didnt cater to catching it🤷🏻‍♂️

  27. My fire big was easy for me found it in wild area in raid so very luck I guess love him.

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