Top 10 Problems with Comics That Fans Ignore

Don’t get us wrong, we absolutely love comics, but for every so many ups there’s always a down. For this list we’ll be looking at problems with comics fans Ignore.
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  1. Number 1: Political Correctness

  2. This video just made me want to go watch classic Simpsons episodes/

  3. Comics, soap operas for the nerd crowd.

  4. The fact that artists are underpaid hit me hard about my decision to be a comic book artist.

  5. Yup. That pretty much sums up why I stopped buying comics.

    That and the mistreatment of Wally West.

  6. Most of these aren’t an issue if you only read Archie comics lmao

  7. We don't ignore any of these. These are the reasons comics sales are so low.

  8. Top 10 things comic fans don’t give a shit about but watchmojo’s desperate ass has to make a list anyway

  9. I never read superhero comics. I liked superheroes and used to watch the various shows and cartoons, but I never read the comics. Mainly it was due to the fact that they were all ongoing storylines and none of the issues had self-contained plots. I used to buy the various horror anthology comics, like The Twilight Zone (reprints I assume), House of Mystery, etc. I liked that they had complete stories in them.

    I used to get the 3-packs by Gold Key which had three comics in a plastic bag. You could see the two end ones, but the middle one was always a gamble.

    When I was little, my father had a whole carton of old comics, including what I assume were first-run issues of The Twilight Zone and Magnus: The Robot FIghter, along with some superhero comics. When we moved my mother wouldn't let me bring them because she said they smelled mildewy. I'll bet they'd be worth quite a bit today. 🙁

  10. 0:31 I'm with Comicbook Guy on that

  11. Can I just say I love the fact that whoever edited this clearly really loved Spiderman into the spider verse as much as I did

  12. The reason I don't like reading Western Comics is that they're just too exhausting to follow. Too many versions and storylines are repetitive, unlike the Japanese Comic (manga), I'm used to reading upon.

  13. and that I got lost and that I got lost…

  14. The biggest problem is boomer fans complaining about "sjw comics" anytime a book tries to appeal to someone other than straight white men.

  15. Some of these aren't unique to the comics industry, or just aren't problems:
    9. Video games often are the same price for digital and physical.
    8. Who cares if the merchandise is silly? That rarely effects the comics themselves.
    5. Inaccessibility? I would argue that Marvel's emphasis to make everything extremely accessible is why their quality has dipped in the past 10 years. If you're too worried about accessibility, you won't be able to craft a deep and intricate plot, like Jonathan Hickman's titles leading up to Secret Wars (2015).

    The other entries are fair criticisms.

  16. These are mainly Marvel and DC problems

  17. bad events is another house of M killed my love of xmen…..for years I dropped the series hickman has me somewhat interested again tho

  18. Missing a comma in the title, just saying.

  19. Well I just feel bad about my comic-book collection.

  20. RW:the most annoying thing these days when it comes to comics are how to pick sides to which team,genre,individual heroes or villains or whatever are better than the other and the results on those levels are never good or resolved.😑

  21. RW:in general,not even all crossovers are good atall(ex TTG! VS TT)

  22. RW:tbh Bart Simpson doesnt care about his heroes back stories or what they rly are,all he ever cares about is how his heroes beat up the bad guys (only😒he rly doesn't understand comics atall ,just dont get me started with comic book guy or comic guy ? Or whatever the hell his name is)

  23. Faces of Evil
    Forever Evil
    Year of the Villain
    While I understand about shaking things up, I feel a trend happening.

  24. RW:@1:00 very iconic Wolverine art.

  25. I like late 90 to early 2000 the most

  26. My personal issue stems from what happens when the writers change. You'll get one guy writing a series for say 2 years. He, and it's usually a he, will take the characters this way and that. Sometimes they might do something really new like one guy on the team happens to be gay. Then the next writer comes in and one way or another everyone is returned to how they were before. It's not a retcon, it's a devolution. What was the point of everything that's happened if it doesn't really matter?

  27. The main problem; is the cómic itself… the 8th art must slow down…

  28. This seems less of "Problems with comics" and more of "Problems with SUPERHERO comics"

  29. Great list but pushy Social/Political agendas should have been in top 3

  30. It's hard to think about just one although you kinda covered the gambit.

  31. I love how little these people are so cynical The Narrative is continued to be pushed out there that is the same story over and over again unfortunately life is the same story over and over again with different people but what I would love to hear if somebody is from those who continue to complain about them so that you can people reason to complain how about giving them something different Oh you don't have any different idea then shut up

  32. The inaccessibility point is actually spot-on. And this is coming from someone who is trying to get into the best of Marvel comics, especially the Uncanny X-Men series.

  33. Reboots?

    WB: Allow us to introduce ourselves.

  34. I love comics because it keeps me entertained. My favorite comic book title is Image Comics Invincible. Digital comics prices eventually comes down like those .99 cents deals on Amazon or Comixology.

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