Top 10 Places To Visit In Switzerland

Switzerland has to be one of the most beautiful places in the world! I recently returned from a week in the beautiful country and I want to show you my favorite places. I started the journey in Appenzell, then headed over to the beautiful Jungfrau region, after we visit the beautiful areas of west and south Switzerland! Epic vlogs coming soon 🙂

My Switzerland Blog Post –

My Budget Travel Guide to Switzerland –

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Behind the Scenes Vlog of Appenzell –

Special thanks to Danny Mcgee for the FPV drone shots – check out his Switzerland FPV Film –

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Filmed with a Mavic Air (430 grams)

Song: Oceans by Ehrling

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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed the video; excellent cinematography, great effort, and well-presented. Your choice of views in this area played well against your thoughtful presentation skills. Keep it up! Yes, you butchered most all of the names here, but knowing a second language has helped me to appreciate proper pronunciation (even Rick Steves continues doing a terrible job of learning native pronunciations, and he has spent a lot of time in Switzerland). Cheers, TH

  2. Too many piss stops. Too many waterfalls.

  3. When is the best time to go to Switzerland??

  4. Definitely need to start being a tourist in my own frickin Country it’s beautiful!
    I’m gonna work on your List!

  5. you should also check Tatry Mountains Poland/Slowacja (ex. Zakopane) Maybe no so big but also very nice place. Definitely very cheap off the season


  7. How are you Switzerland? I can't imagine how God made you? Wish someone bring me there for free😂😂😅

  8. It is the most beautiful Country of the world for me. Covered at least 05 places of the places mentioned and Luterbrennen was the best of course with Jungfrau . Cheers

  9. what time of year did you go

  10. Indonesia great list journal👍

  11. What's the name of the lodge at the top of schafler me and my GF are going in April and we want to stay at that lodge.

  12. Im from Srilanka planning to come to Switzerland next month for 7 or 10days tour

  13. Haha jungfraujoch is pronounced like ‘Yung frow yoch’ as a person from Zurich 😂

  14. When you go to the Jungfrauregion next time Go to Mürren, its a really beautiful small village, you can go to Schilthorn from there. There‘s a really cool restaurant that spins around (James Bond was there)

  15. Where did you go to get the view of mount Eiger?

  16. omg the way u pronounced Oeschinensee xD

  17. I like the way you say coop

  18. My dream country to visit😍

  19. Another very nice place in Switzerland is the Village Vals

  20. What date was this visit? thank you I’m planning my trip and trying to figure out that’s the best date for me to go

  21. I'm a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints too. Yippee 💗💗💗

  22. I'm so glad you can travel so much. Awesomeness 💛❤🧡💜💙💚

  23. Living in Geneva I was dead how he said jet d'eau

  24. Disclaimer: Switzerland isn't only mountains (even if it looks like that)

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