Top 10 Places To Visit In Austria

Austria is one of my new favorite countries! I recently returned from a road trip to the Austrian Alps and I want to show you my favorite places. I was blown away by the beauty of its mountains and lakes. It was also a lot less crowded than other places in the European alps! I hope this inspires you to visit the amazing country of Austria someday!

Special thanks to Daniel Kogler for helping me with footage. He has some amazing videos from Austria! –

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Also some minor corrections. The Grossglockner mountain isn’t the mountain at 1:53 but it can be seen from Pastereze Glacier. And for the Olperer hike, most people just hike to the hut (not to the peak) and enjoy some amazing Kaiserschmarrn (traditional Austrian dish)!

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  1. Have you seen Innsbruck? 😂🤘🤙 (It's better) but great Video)

  2. Another great video from you ryan! That castle looks great!

  3. Hey man, where would u recommend going in Europe in December, probs for like 3-4 days. Cheers!

  4. I like when said you had the whole place by yourself 😂😂… Which month was Gosau footage shot? It looks so green

  5. Love austria from israel 🇮🇱❤🇦🇹

  6. ไม่ผิดหวังจริงๆ

  7. Amazing as always! Can´t believe you didn´t post the vlogs of the single trips yet… when can I expect to see those? 🙂
    By the way have you already seen my Lofoten edit? 🙂

  8. Awesome video and such a Gorgeous country!!! Falling in love with drone shots!!!

  9. You live such an exciting life! But make sure you prepare for eternity by inviting Christ in your heart.😊✝

  10. This video look amazing!! what equipment do you use

  11. Hello Ryan !
    Another awesome video !
    Such a beautiful country !
    So well captured and edited , your drone shots are beautiful .I noticed that you speed them up in post production .
    Hélène et Serge 💑
    From Boisbriand Québec Canada 🇨🇦

  12. Wow, you definitely picket up some great spots for the drone videos. I live in Austria and was looking for some tips for great places in Austria, thanks man 🙂

  13. Didn't know Austria was this beautiful before!

  14. Amazing video about Austria Ryan well done 😊😊❤️❤️👍👍

  15. Very cool Austria video with good editing it.. thanks for sharing your video

  16. See means lake in German so every time you say Yana Daba Doo See Lake you're just repeating that it's a lake.

  17. Im inspired! Austria 2020 for me!

  18. What drone do you use? I also want to buy one, do you have some recommendations?😊

  19. I like to follow your blog and your selection of Dolomites was right on top. For Austria, you picked out great spots – no doubt, but it's evident that you haven't spend enough time to see the whole country. So I wouldn't call them 'Top 10 Places To Visit In Austria'. Austria is a different animal than Switzerland or the Dolomites as the variance is so much bigger from cultural heritages to salt mines (good comment by Jana!) to totally flat lakes (+ it's double the size as Switzerland). To make a long story short: besides the wonderful towns of Vienna, Salzburg and Innsbruck, I would not want to miss:
    – Lake Salfeins, Tirol
    – Karwendel, Tirol
    – Burg Dürnstein, Niederösterreich
    – Neusiedlersee
    – Sölkpass, Styria
    + one ore the other monastery like Melk or Göttweig

  20. I have family in Salzburg and I try to visit them every chance I get (for the family of course)

  21. Very nice video my friend!!!!👍👍👍

  22. pretty cool i actually loved all of it.. but but boy the scale of mountains is too small frankly you have to visit Pakistan to actually see the scarily majestic mountains. for just some treat for eyes check out below links, come over visit me here;) thanks! love ❤️

  23. Being from Austria I can only agree. One thing I notice though is that no one seems to do the tour through the ancient saline mines. I've done the tour many times myself and over the years they massively improved. With the newest renovation they even added a virtual reality movie. Definitely worth a visit! There's also one very interesting story about the stone lions of Hallstatt. They don't have a tongue (and the stone mason drowned himself because of that but that's a different story 😂).

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