Top 10 People Starfire Hooked Up With

Top 10 People Starfire Hooked Up With
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Starfire has had some very interesting romances over the years. Some of Starfire’s partners have been a little more on the conventional side. However, some superheroes Starfire has Hooked Up with have been very strange and even include some alternate versions. Today on Top 10 Nerd we explore these hook ups with the Top 10 People Starfire Hooked Up With.
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  1. is raven secretly……A BOY????

  2. McKnight is back at the top of her crop…

  3. next lover for her:Tim or the 4th Robin

  4. LGBT this, LGBT that. I'm glad I don't read comic books anymore.

  5. So some are these are wishes not actual relationships and starfire is with nightwing all other relationships are fake

  6. Co-creator George Pérez said that a lot of real people went into the creation of Starfire, including a stripper. The more you know.

  7. You know it is fake right.

  8. My reaction of Starfire with Raven:

  9. Didnt know star was bi

  10. witnessing Raven using Trigon's seed to impregnant Starfire

    Me: …Damn…😮

  11. I want a "Nerd Squad" hoodie

  12. Obviously Raven x star fire am I right?

  13. She loves women ha! GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I could watch these videos for hours

  15. Im surprise she hasnt been shipped with Harley Quinn. With Harley's insanity and Star's innocence would make a ingredient for a epic tale.

  16. Still wanna see Starfire as a Star Sapphire…lotta s'.

  17. starfire x raven is the best ^_^

  18. I love Starfire, despite her being a bit of a thot. I may be sugarcoating things.

  19. Nightwing and starfire are the best ship always

  20. WOW…..Roy Harper?…Wooow pffft…hahahah…how sad

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