Top 10 Pentatonix Albums/EPs


  1. I pretty much agree with this order but I would personally put Vol 3 before Vol 4 just for On My Way Home.

  2. Just curious. Is this your personal opinion or…?

  3. This is awesome such amazing albums and songs. #LoveIt

  4. I completely forgot how amazing their Christmas songs are. I barely even listened to them last year which is such a shame

  5. I needed this and I didn’t even know it.

  6. Great video! My personal order would probably go
    1. PTX vol 2
    2. Their third christmas album
    3. That's christmas to me album
    4. PTX classics Vol IV
    5. PTX Vol 3
    6. PTXMAS
    7. PTX Vol 1
    8. PTX-newest Christmas album
    9. PTX TOP POP
    10. Pentatonix original album

  7. I love it so much

    1. Vol 1

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