Top 10 Overpowered Pokémon for Pokémon Sword and Shield

The most powerful Pokemon for Pokemon Sword and Shield are shown here. These 10 Pokemon are overpowered for battles and the strongest 10 out of all the new Pokemon, or not maybe I missed a few. Pokemon Sword and Shield brings a new meta to competitive battles with limited Pokemon so we go through all the new overpowered Pokemon and see which are the strongest Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield!
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  1. If an alcreamy uses rest, does it just gain hp without falling asleep cuz that would be OP.

  2. Lmao overpowered? I can legit beat this game with a level 1 pidey

  3. Stop don’t use G Darmanitan Zen mode. Use Guerilla tactics, with choice band, and belly drum. Leaves it severely open but the buffs stack. A 3x buff for a risk, or a 2x buff for a safer play. Really overpowered. Used it quite a bit.

  4. Zacian doesn't have the highest speed it's ninjas

  5. Corsola’s a god with certain object equiped, dont evolve it!

  6. Oh hey pokemondb love that website

  7. Thinks Barraskewda sucks and Inteleon is op? Hmm…

  8. I'm surprised Coalossal wasn't mentioned at all. I ignored it at first until I realised just how overpowered Steam Engine could be.

  9. you mentioned Zen Mode Darm, but not Gorilla Tactics?

  10. I just found out you still make videos, I now have a better day

  11. 9:10 not to mention malarian darmanitan's ability gorilla tactics is literally a choice band. You can add another choice band on it for double power. Choice scarf so it can be fast as frick. Or even run an assault vest or leftover because of its relative bulk in normal mode.

  12. 1:54 Random Slifer is random!

  13. I hate alcremie, literally swept me in a double battle

  14. 7:52 Cursed image on the right

  15. 3:18 holy shit how is a teapot this strong?

  16. Another potential is (surprisingly) Eiscue. It can learn Belly Drum through breeding with Galarian Darmanitan, and it's Ice Head ability means that you're guaranteed to get a free use if you're up against a physical attacker. After that you can either use the Iceless Form's insane speed to destroy your opponent, or set up Hail to regain your Ice Head.

  17. You know what beats Intelion….my Rillaboom.

  18. You stay hating on my boy toxtricity 🤦🏾‍♂️ smdh

  19. Oh man didn’t see any Pokémon look cool in this gen yet lol

  20. Don’t sleep on my boy Eiscue

  21. Best generation mons-wise by far. Absolutely no useless boring garbage like Volbeat or Basculin, everything has an use and nothing is just plain useless, plus so many fun tanks/sweepers

  22. I think Rillaboom is the best starter competitively. Amazing hidden ability, great bulk and attack. Great move set. He's a better Tapu Bulu. Better than Inteleon and Cinderace in my opinion.

  23. You have no idea what your talking about…..

  24. Anybody got a TLDR version

  25. How do you get the fire ice snowman pokemon?

  26. Umm you forgot Eiscue on the list…

  27. Dragapult, Rillaboom Cinderace with HA, Corviknight, Darmanitan, Baraskewda, Galar Corsola, Hatrene, the rest is probably too weak to hang with the old mons.

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