Top 10 Old School Slang We Loved to Say

Man… no one says that anymore. For this list, we’ll be ranking the most passe and outdated sayings or phrases that were previously part of everyday conversation. Slang from all decades will be considered, so long as the phrases in question were, at one time or another, commonly used and considered popular. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Out of Date Slang Sayings.
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10. Duh
9. Bogus
8. Bling Bling
7. Hella
6. All That & a Bag of Chips
5. Talk to the Hand
4. Cowabunga
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#Duh #TalkToTheHand #YOLO
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  1. Did Bart Simpson say “Cowabunga?

  2. I didn't know 1 person that used the slang word, cowabunga.

  3. No TUBULAR?? Or Totes? Or Bad (as in good)? I only lived in the Bay Area 3 years and I can't lose "Hella"… But I guess I use it a lil different now than in the 90s, as in:
    "Hey bub, is that strain any good?"
    "Yeah, guy. It's HELLA! I'm higher than eagle tits!" In this current way, it's only ever positive.
    But, the old way still works, as in:
    "Hey, bub, that new Burzum record any good?"
    "Oh, no way, buddy! It blows goats HELLA bad! (just like the rest of the catalog, that newest shit is HELLA weak!) Here it's an adjective…and shit.

  4. Um, excuse you! It’s dropped hella low not “to hella low.” If you’re gonna speak incorrectly do it the correct way. 😒

  5. My ex still uses "Swell" 😂

  6. I would argue that the character of Michelle Tanner on "Full House" saying "Cowabunga dude" is as equally famous as the TMNT albeit far more ANNOYING.

  7. I still use bogus to replace bullshit when I'm around children. I'm from StL so I still say "dirty" and my eerrrs sometimes plus I still like the word jive

  8. #7 HELLA ??????????????????????????

    It is, was and will forever be a bay area thing. We still hella say it. Pfft..

  9. Cowabunga was big in the 60s, TMNT brought it back in the 90s, watch out 2020s.

  10. I still say, “tight,” or “sick” (meaning tight, as well).

    I still hear some people say, “it’s lit.” As in, “Dude, this is the bomb.”

  11. If you go back and Watch Bill and Teds Bogus Journey they throw themselves off a cliff and call each other Fags! Theres a word from back in the days. lol

  12. I'm 31 and I use most of these still

  13. Cowabunga! This list is rad. Watchmojo did a swell job with this list with all the bling bling & gnarly slang words. Groovy!

  14. fresh? funky fresh? blaze? hip? sucka? jive turkey?😕

  15. I still say groovy. 😏

  16. If your vocabulary consists of “YOLO” and “swag”, then you’re a douchebag.

  17. What about cool? I still say that to this day. Nice or noice?

  18. I’m surprised tight and epic weren’t even an honorable mention.

  19. i still say hella tbh…

  20. Slang popular in the Hood

    Turn Up
    Act a Ass
    Low Key
    What's Hatnin"
    That's Fire
    The Blade
    That's what's up
    Pick your Brain
    Dripped Up
    Pockets touching
    Yes we still say.. Function
    That's just a few

  21. White People Make slang low key corny .. in "Pop Culture "

  22. You forgot peachy

  23. Groovy: The 60's and 70's can keep this word. Because it belongs in the past.

    Swell: I don't mind this word, but I would rather just say 'Great!' if I'm happy with a certain thing or outcome, or 'Joy!' if I'm being sarcastic.

    Gnarly: Makes me think of trolls. Or the ugly fingers on a witch.

    Cowabunga: I have NEVER heard an actual existing person I know ever yell this word, even when I was a kid. The only thing I remember hearing cowabunga from was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

    Talk to the Hand: I used to say this to shut people up, but by the time I was in high school, it really didn't work anymore, so I stopped saying it.

    All that and a Bag of Chips: Sounds like what that one guy who was a 'jock' in the Breakfast Club had brought with him to eat for lunch.

    Hella: Possibly the only time this word will now come out of my mouth as an adult is if I decide to sing to Hella Good by No Doubt on my own time.

    Bling Bling: I would just say Bling. Or jewellery.

    Bogus: I know a better word. Phoney.

    Duh: I still use this word. But sparingly.

  24. I’m still using over half of these, and make no apologies. That’s how I roll!

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