Top 10 Oddest Cards Placed On The Ban List in YuGiOh

In this video we’ll look at cards that were placed on the banned list in some way shape or form, and go over why some of these cards which look particularly unimpressive at first glance, were placed on the banned list.
–The List–
10-Apprentice Magician
9- Protector of the Sanctuary
8- Marauding Captain
7- Backup Soldier
6- Yellow Gadget
5- Gravekeeper’s Servant
4- Drop Off
3- Emergency Provisions
2- Injection Fairy Lily
1- Dark Scorpion – Chick the Yellow
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  1. "It never saw the amount of competitive play that would warrant its limitations." Man, I got a regional with her on my deck and only won the best of 8 and 4 because of her when Gadgets and Monarchs where the thing. People always expected me to only run Gadgets when they crashed into Giant Rat, but I got her to get rid of big monster/deal damage and Ancient Gear Engineer to get rid of backrow. And when they spend resources to get rid of her, means one less thing to deal with my monarchs/Jinzo/Sacred Phoenix.

    For me her limit was very justified, because she helped my deck a lot. It's not one card you will use multiples at the time, but it was as strong as a lot of monsters limited when she came out.

  2. I always thought Backup Soldier was on the list because of Exodia. Also, keep in mind the following. Just because 2 cards are very similar, does not warrant that they both be banned. Sometimes they ban only 1 card, so that another similar card can still be used. For example Monster Reborn and Premature Burial, they each took turns getting banned while the other one was allowed, this is because they wanted players to have access to a revive card, but they didn't want them to be able to have 2. Many people would rage that if Premature Burial was banned, then Monster Reborn should be banned to, and visa versa.

  3. Drop off and all hand control cards were limited/banned because of yata garasu decks.

  4. Luckily I quit yugioh. Game is out of control.

  5. Drop Off was banned because players would shfuffle their hand right after drawing so you had no way of knowing which card they just drew to discard.

  6. What about top 10 commons that saw a lot of play if you didn't already do that

  7. No honorable mention for Call of the Haunted despite bringing it up twice? In today's Yu-Gi-Oh!, it's impossible to not look back at how a Trap revival card was once banned while two Spell revival cards were still legal and laugh.

  8. Gravekeepver Servant deck was a pain in Joey POC

  9. top 10 most overbalanced monster effects.

  10. Didn’t MtD get an errata?

  11. good goblin housekeeping seems decent in paleo since you can send a copy with marella and chain a paleo to it .

  12. Wasn't Lily placed on the banlist because her effect didn't used to be once per battle and could potentially gain 9000 ATK on with no effort?

  13. Man i miss those period when the duels were “slow”

  14. Backup soldier painful choice combo

  15. I am 80% sure that you are wrong with back up soldiers purpose in the old days.
    guess what 4 of 5 pieces are? Literally the only time I saw others use it back in the day was for exodia recursion.
    Still a hard set up that only had real value in grind matches.

  16. Oh, Gravekeeper's Servant…you will always hold a special place in my heart, along with Manga Ryu Ran and The Reliable Guardian, because you were in my first ever Yu-Gi-Oh! pack, back when Spell Cards still had their proper name of Magic Cards.

  17. Top ten cards that got banned because of interactions with other cards. Like ones that aren't really good on their own but caused broken combos with other cards so they were put on the banlist

  18. backup soldiers could have been banned because of exodia, since i think painful choice and other cards like that existed at the time.

  19. Top 10 Cards with niche hidden uses. Etc Big Bang Shot (normally you equip it to your monsters to give them piercing damage, but if you equip it to an opponents monster, THEY still receive the piercing battle damage even if you are the one getting attacked.)

  20. Backup soldier was on the banned list because it made exodia too easy to get to with painful choice

  21. Back up Soldier was used for Exodia.

  22. Cliff the Trap Remover saw play for its utility as backrow hate, searchable through Mystic Tomato and ROTA.

  23. Serious question
    Are you rtgame?

  24. Re: Gravekeeper's Servant's history. It only appeared on the OCG banlist. There was a card that came out way before Macro Cosmos which made the no-attack lock, Banisher of the Light. Banisher was released in July 2000 in OCG, Gravekeeper's Servant was limited in July 2000 in OCG. Back then, Konami actively tried to stop any "no-attack" locks, which is why they previously limited Maurauding Captain.

  25. I Wanna Inject Something Into That Girl!

  26. Power of guardians should either be limited or banned that equip spell is stupidly broken

  27. 4:10 “Protector of the shrine”

  28. The speed of the game ruined YGO. Why play when the game can be over in 10 minutes or less?

  29. Another top 10 cards that vastly varied in the TCG as compared to their anime counterparts?

    I liked the previous video about toned down TCG cards. And I see that you're very knowledgeable about the series/game. I'd like to hear your educated opinion about which cards had the biggest changeups.

  30. That song that played during the Dark Ages as me and my buddies call it all the game. I've only seen injection fairy Lily used in quick beatdowns or in chaos decks. Mostly just so they can get you closer LifePoint so they can yata lock you in for the win. And that only work if they didn't get their chaos dragon or Black Luster Soldier out yet. Mirage of nightmares emergency provisions need I say more. What I recommend you do is play a match a vintage Yu-Gi-Oh with those cards and you understand why a lot of these matches our cards are banned because of that especially the Dark Ages.

  31. Top 10 best counter traps

  32. Elemental Hero Stratos

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