Top 10 Numbers from One through Ten!

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  1. Oh my!

    I loved number ten! It was so sad…yet so excited!

  2. Graphic desgin is mah pasino

  3. Canadian Numberwang energy and I'm here for it

  4. Bruh nr 3 finally made it LMAO

  5. The first one was hilarious, this one is pure chaos lmao

    Also please remove the endcard in the other video, it occupies too much of the screen and it's annoying

  6. God damn it, this is masterpiece

  7. I'm pretty sure that this is how it feels to Overdose on all the possible drugs.

  8. i need a big brain to understand this

  9. This was the best useless video i have ever watched

  10. My liver dissolved at this video

  11. Hey future user
    This is our content

  12. Wow, this time all first 10 numbers got to top 10!

  13. Top 10 chinese dynasties when?

  14. Number 5 still on top baby!

  15. Why is this 3 minutes long? Lol

  16. what about number -3?

  17. …I don't know what to say to this…good job with the video 🙂

  18. Kinda sad the vid doesnt get the view it deserve

  19. Top ten top ten numbers 1-10, 1-10.

  20. Personally I think 5 is a bit overrated, but hey, that’s just me

  21. Can't wait for the top 10 top 10 numbers from one to ten videos video to be released in 2037 👀

  22. Thank you for the update video!

  23. Every one needs to share tf out of this it's brilliant lol

  24. you know I thought the last one was confusing but jesus christ

  25. "Hey everyone, thats right! Its time for another,

    top ten number (goat scream)

    And this week, things that happening in the world have affected the rankings.

    (boi that escalated quickly)

    So, lets dive in for another informative YouTube video to keep your brain edumicated

    and (limber??)

    Its time for top ten numbers from one through ten.

    (your watching the the internet)(trombone plays)

    (doorbell rings)

    Hello? Oh so coming in at number 10 its number 2.(ooo)

    Which is confusing because at number 8 it is infact number 10,

    but im getting a bit ahead if myself. Because at number 9 its still number 8.

    And at number 7 its actually number 9.(top ten numbers)Interesting.

    (haaahahahahah)(top ten numbers is a great video to keep watching)

    Oh shoot no, we skipped over number 8 (top ten numbers) but i think i have already informed

    you that its actually number 10 (top ten numbers) but to keep things in order,

    lets again go over that at number 7 is till actually at number 9,

    which of course means if you are paying attention that coming in at number 6

    is in fact the number 7(HAHAHHAHAHHA)

    (I really like seven)

    Alright class its time for a pop quiz


    What number came in at number 8?

    (the test starts now)

    Was it number 7?

    number 8?

    or number 9?

    Stay tuned for that answer

    But hold on, we are getting reports that the number 6 ranking

    needs to be updated to number 9.


    Thats the sex number.

    (oh my goodness)

    But not in my christian top ten video, get that smut out of here.

    (top ten numbers)(the test is over, please put down your pencils)

    (top ten numbers)

    Alright, times up.

    Did you guess number 10 for number 8?


    Because if you did, you win access to the rest of this video.

    (top ten numbers)

    And if you guessed wrong, please click on another YouTube video,

    or pay me money because watching past this point is piracy.

    (arrrrr me mates)

    Alright and at number 5 its number 1,

    sorry 1, because there can only be 1 number 1

    and that 1 number is coming up later here on top ten numbers from one through ten.

    (top ten numbers)

    And at number 4 its surprisingly number 3 (wooow)

    But at number 3 its also surprisingly number 4

    (this is my kind of fun)

    But unsurprisingly at number 2 its actually number 6.

    And if you have been paying attention to the math,

    or just know the deep meta,

    you should know which number is coming in at 1

    because it is of coarse number 5.

    Fuck you number 7 you basic.


    And now a word from this videos sponsors.

    (ah shit sponsor, gotta click away gotta click away ah too slow)


    HI im jimmy the rat vote for me at your local election

    cause at least then your voting for something. Im jimmy the rat

    and im running for government. GOV ERN MENT RATS GOVNUH

    Vote for rat."

  26. So I guess the last video was only the pre-test……

  27. Honestly, I love the fact that Kokichi, Nagito and Byaku-brat are running the government.
    Also number 5is not my favourite number.

  28. Didn't he do this before?

  29. This is not as good as the first one

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