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What are the Top 10 Nintendo Switch games? It’s crazy to think that the Nintendo Switch is able to bring so many modern games to a hand held experience. In my list I talk about the Top 10 Nintendo switch exclusives (so far!). As a reminder, it’s just my opinion on the best games here I enjoy, you can let me know what games make your Top 10 Switch games down below! There’s a lot to go through on this list, from classic titles to a few surprises you should definitely check out.

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Let me know what you thought about my Top 10 Nintendo Switch Games! What ones would be on your list?

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  1. What are your top 3 favorite switch games so far?

  2. HUGE PLAYS great video btw

  3. Huge plays
    My dad I don't have a lot of stores near by me and I don't have e-shop support in my country just download codes and online

  4. What was the name of those 2 Inde games that popped up fast?

  5. Huge plays never played smash bros

  6. My fav games is Splatoon 2

  7. You made rules of which games can be on the list yet you break it and put Zelda botw in the list and makes a half-assed excuse to why, telling your viewers not to freak out, GTFO.

  8. Huge Plays ; The chances are bleak but well im desperate . Also will make a sandwich in your honor .

  9. lol this video makes me so happy for no reason XD

  10. The only game I play with romantic partners is hide the sausage.

  11. Huge plays

    sorry i bought a switch today 🙂

  12. Huge Plays! I hope i'm not to late. Sorry watched Video late.

  13. Huge Plays
    Bought a Switch lite today from a friend but after the gamestore closed. Smh i feel incomplete.

  14. Huge Play, mega bigchungus olays

  15. I think botw should be 4, it's a great game but is still flawed in quite a few ways. I feel the same way about super Mario odyssey

  16. Huge Plays!

    Smash Bros would be a great graduation gift for me hint hint.

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