Top 10 New Pokémon Clones in Pokémon Sword and Shield

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Pokemon games can be known for similar looking Pokemon, and Pokemon Sword and Shield is no exception. Today we look at the new Pokemon clones available to us in Pokemon Sword and Shield and compare them to their older generation family members. Pokemon Sword and Shield does have a good array of new Pokemon and even with some of them looking like clones, we look to see why that is and what makes them as such. Welcome to the Top 10 New Pokemon Clones in Pokemon Sword and Shield!
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  1. Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: ✅ ANDROID: and get a special starter pack 💥 Available only for the next 30 days!

    Hey everyone, still trying to get the audio fixed, finally found my old discontinued external soundcard online and been trying to layer tracks along with other things so hopefully I’ll get it back soon, hope you enjoy a little throwback topic and let me know who you think is the most resembling Pokemon in gen 8!

  2. How do you think Kurchin looks more like the deep quilfish and not like pyukumuku

  3. 3:55 man said birds GALAR

  4. Bear: has a cold

    Big raptor thing:also gets a cold


  5. I feel like Bouffalant today would be just Unovan Tauros lmao. Also I think Cufant and Copperajah are "cu" as in "cute" and "copper rajah" as in "copper Jasmine's tiger" lol.

    Intelleon looks like the lead character in an animated spy movie from the people who made Despicable Me.

  6. Unfortunately the special treatment has been given to Cinderace.

    I’m not saying Cinderace shouldn’t have got Libero as its HA, but Intelleon would really appreciate Protean (and it would be thematically fitting too).

    But no, of course they had to give it sniper and close to no move that could exploit this otherwise decent ability.

    And it doesn’t stop there. Cinderace also receives 2 signature moves.

    Once HA starters are released, Intelleon will easily be outclassed by even Rillaboom.

    Is that the ‘special’ treatment that you’re referring to?

  7. Chewtle and squirtle??? Anyone??

  8. Don't ever compare that disgusting abomination to greninja again

  9. 6:49 Am I the only one who thinks it sandaconda nose is like double barrel shotgun

  10. Im not the only one who though wooloo was going to be number 1 right?

  11. None of these are clones, you're stretching so far for non-existent similarities just to hit that sweet sweet 10 minute mark.

  12. Until I saw this video I legit thought Pincurchin was an evolution of Pyukumuku

  13. So you're telling me you think Coalossal mostly resembles the legendary electric dragon Pokemon Zekrom and not Golem who both share the same typing and are both animated circular rocks?!?

  14. Honesty I'm genuinely disliked all final starter evolution design! Gen 7 evolution is more humanoid but it's cool but on gen 8 I don't know ,it's more like Digimon evolution

  15. I really dislike these new Pokémon designs especially the fossils but the worst is Inteleon, it’s so ugly and slender. When I look at the other water starters, they are more bulky or have something unique to the design like blastoise cannons and greninja tounge scarf. Inteleon could’ve been a 1 stage evolution with just itself and sobble

  16. 3:57 Its more like a Quilfish and pukumiku fusion

  17. Intelion being similar to Greninja

    Cinderace with Libero ability would like to have a word with ya

  18. Cinderace: Literally gets greninja's hidden ability and is announced to be the second main pokemon in the anime
    Everyone: Intelleon greninja clone

  19. Just cause theyre the same animal doesnt mean theyre a clone. For me i would say mimikyu snd eiscue would be a clone for the ability. I would say wooloo is a normal clone for of skiddo.

  20. Nah. Prinplup can go off the cliff.

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