Top 10 NEW Fortnite Leaks COMING SOON! (New Skins, Games & MORE!)

Top 10 NEW Fortnite Leaks COMING SOON! (New Skins, Games & MORE!)
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  1. I wish disco domination and food fight would come back

  2. the resurse is bilding materel

  3. 9:34 Boat: E.G.O = good guys
    Bridge: A.L.T.E.R = bad guys

  4. 9:10 T5G: Says uncommon GRL
    Picture: Rare GRL

  5. What about new ak?????

  6. Resources? Wdym…. ITS WOOD METAL AND BRICK

  7. A snowball came out in season 7 I have it it's a throw able item

  8. It's just annoying how they extend the season by 2 months for no reason, and they aren't gonna put out 100 more tiers to make up all the time lost. And adding to the fact that 99 percent of players at this point are over tier 100, they are just killing off their own game. And most of these ltm's are garbage.

  9. Sarana is the alter ego skin

  10. A new concert
    I’m calling it

  11. IAM the only one who saw one of the cars in the loading screen shot fire

  12. Resources =Materials

  13. I don't understand why they're extending season 1 to "prepare" us for the holiday-themed updates. Why don't they just make a new season with a new Christmas Battlepass..

  14. In the netherlands we have a holiday named: sinterklaas / st.nichalson and its on 5 december

  15. OmG i HavE RAZOR skin its only save the world but still need to get battle breakers level 20 to get it : but its worth it

  16. I hope ice queen returns!

  17. Andres San Juan coming in clutch to get 6.4 k likes on this video!

  18. I think all the water on the map will freeze, and boats will be practically unusable. I also think the Ice King will not come back, since he and Polar Peak got sucked into the Black Hole. I also think that there will be certain areas at the frozen water that you can fish in, and the Rusty Cans will be re-skinned into Snow Balls.

  19. T5g the guy looking at the screens is the chaos agent

  20. 4:58

    is that an Auto sniper I see

  21. i want food fight

  22. When will the llama get an update has anyone noticed that the llama has never got an update in a while

  23. maybe there would be a new building material, "Snow"

  24. Stingray looks like nøkk from Rainbow Six Siege

  25. Change your name to top10gaming

  26. Can someone frend me on fortenite name Rylan-OG

  27. Subbed and the notaficasions are on pls send me the dark vunguard and Used your code my epic Account is squid_1769

  28. When drift sees the new brite bomber

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