Check out our top 10 highlights from the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show.
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  1. Los Angeles Auto Show 2019 for the 2020 automobiles.

  2. Randy Moss Gold boss Reply

    Lol the Nissan sentra stole the 2020 Gt 500 front and the Honda civic back

  3. 0:02
    If that was a tesla they would make it. This is what I love about elon he thinks of cool shit and he's not afraid to produce it. Come on Mercedes if a miata is safe enough surely you can make that thing safe enough.

  4. cheesegyoza Reply

    That Mach-E is beautiful but, I will wait until solid state batteries take over.

  5. Anders Beider Reply

    How hard can it be to show the inside of every car you displayed in this video. But nah.

  6. Rocco Sophie Reply

    The best looking car on here was the first one. The Mercedes concept
    "Vision Simplex." The rest are form cut pieces of unimaginative
    boredom. Not to mention the fact the quality is probably just as
    underwhelming. No thanks.

  7. Henri Somer Reply

    Bmw if fckn up massively, no one is going. To buy their shtbox except illiterates who want a badge, and we have lots pf those twats

  8. Bollinger vehicles look as thought they should come equipped w/a "Ma Deuce!"

  9. Iketani Koichiro Reply

    This new sentra was released in the china autoshow as the sylphy

  10. Jesus Zamora Reply

    8:43 I thought it looked nice until I realized it's a Buick Regal.

  11. Not gonna lie.. out of allllll that.. the nissan sentra caught my eyes haha 😍

  12. David Fuith Reply

    Bollinger shows up every year with the same prototypes. No reason to think they'll ever actually sell trucks – more likely fishing for a buyout.

  13. Dennis Dowd Reply

    Funny thing about all these cars, buy them in a few years from now, and save as much as 50% of their original asking price. Do you really want a 500+ hp polluting what little air we still have left to breathe?

  14. Complete joke to look at the Toyota Mirai and not the RAV4 PHEV.

    And the Mustang Mach E is so understated. It's a physical U-turn for Ford who less than 3 years ago was only going to build a compliance car Focus/C-Max EV. The change of direction from that to this Mustang shows (most evidently in the gosh awful, meme-like interior design).

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