The still feel the loss of these Netflix shows that were cancelled too soon. We’re taking a look at TV shows that got axed by the powers that be while they were still in their prime. Please note that we’ll be excluding shows like “A Series of Unfortunate Events” and “Voltron: Legendary Defender”, which ended on their creators’ own terms. WatchMojo ranks the best Netflix shows that were cancelled too soon. Which Netflix show do you want back? Let us know in the comments!
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  1. Yea Daredevil is the toughest one for me. Definitely felt like it was the best Marvel one

  2. Buddah Kris Reply

    Haven't even heard of half of these and Sense8 was garbage. Just saying.

  3. Matthew Bradley Reply

    Best part about Netflix even though these shows are cancelled they can be brought back at any time.

  4. mano0anildo Reply

    I remember when Netflix used to save cancelled too soon shows…

  5. Adagio Breeze Reply

    I had no Idea Santa Clarita was canceled, that show had so much promise

  6. bellydancingdog Reply

    Netflix is canceling our shows because people are sharing their passwords so they cannot see how many different people are actually watching the shows. Or so they want you to believe!

  7. Elieser Isaac Reyes Reply

    Man I wish That The Defenders would join forces with The Avengers and their allies to Fight against Thanos and The Black Order

  8. Thomas Mayhem Reply

    Punisher and Daredevil shouldn't have been cancelled. Other than those two, all those mediocre shows shouldn't have been made in the first place. It should say dishonorable mentions

  9. Rudina Obydi Reply

    The OA was cancelled 😭😭 fuck that. They cancel one of the best shows on Netflix???

  10. Joshua Starnes Reply

    Reviews and opinions don't matter in business. What matters is viewership. Majority of these were lacking in that department. Daredevil was cut because of the Disney contract coming to an end, same as the other marvel Netflix shows.

  11. Phillip Miller Reply

    NGL, kinda disappointed MST3K was not included but given that was announced this week, it may have broken while this video was already in the pipes

  12. Slimypeople48 Reply

    …..wait what? santa clarita diet was canceled, i thought i was just waiting for the next season !

  13. Minna Häkkinen Reply

    Where is ash vs evil dead? That was great show. That are cancelling

  14. Love and Bloodline have both an good ending, I don't need a fourth season to ruin the show eventually. And the Marvel series are to long with less story no wonder they got cancelled

  15. oldannyboy37 Reply

    DareDevil and Santa Clarita Diet being cancelled were the last straw for me. I cancelled my subscription.

    The last season of Santa Clarita wasn't nearly as good, but it was still very worth watching. DareDevil was just great, and was a huge hit.

    At the very least DareDevil ended on a good note.

    Between cancelling most of my favorite shows, and dropping streaming for shows like Bob's Burgers and Archer I just don't care to keep their service. Bojack Horseman is the only IP they have I genuinely care about.

  16. DeAundre Hutchison Reply

    Had no idea ‘American Vandal’ was canceled. Season two was funny AF! Hope they find another platform for it.

  17. newageBoundhippie Reply

    it sucks so much that Agents of SHIELD is the only MCU show that gets to have a real ending 🙁

  18. It’s unfair what they did to the defenders we need to season two

  19. They just canceled another hidden gem, Anne with an E. At least that one ended on a good note. I can't trust Netflix now. I also lobed Tuca and Bertie. Oh well… 🙁

  20. Thomas West Reply

    I hate when a show gets cancelled on a cliffhanger the least they can do is make a final episode or something.

  21. Believe me when I'm telling you I will be forever sad for the cancelation of the OA. It was my favourite show and it is a masterpiece compare to other overrated netflix series.

  22. Ashley Gatewood Reply

    I couldn't believe they ended Santa Clarita Diet, especially with the way it left off. I loved that show

  23. Fatian Arifi Reply

    Bro , it's crazy to see that everybody forgot about Marco Polo !! Is was so good , it had the potential to be the biggest thing out there(I mean right behind GOT)

  24. Netflix needs to cancel Ted Sarandos, he’s the jackass that keeps cancelling good shows and puts too much rubbish shows on Netflix!

  25. If they made endless seasons of Jessica Jones I'd be okay with that 🙂

  26. bardmine4 draketooth Reply

    You forgot skylanders acadamy which has petition to get it another season after it got canceled on a cliffhanger and was actually getting people interested in the skylander series

  27. Vincent van Elburg Reply

    I actually died inside when I heard Timeless was cancelled….again. Even if it was revived 2 times, still miss it.

  28. Kyle Garrison Reply

    Let's hope that The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance doesn't meet the same fate as these shows

  29. Rolando Rodriguez Reply

    Santa Clarita diet's cancellation hit like a bus especially with that cliffhanger of an ending

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