Top 10 Myths of World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is nearly 15 years old, and over the years many myths have been created. In this video we cover the 10 biggest myths in the game, some dating all the way back to its launch in 2004!

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  1. Got good feedback in the last top 10 – thought I'd throw another one together for you….enjoy! Also, the channel just hit 300k subscribers this weekend – are we beating BfA? I'd like to announce my next video series called "Madseason expeditions", where if you watch the entire 20 minute video, you have a .00001% chance of obtaining something cool! Catch me live at

  2. Watch the vids, but dont play the game. They are waste of time

  3. I actually knew Karatechop back in the day which make what happened to him super interesting to me lol. I've played on Vek'nilash since 2006 (and still do) and even played with him pretty frequently. I know I leveled with him for a while at the very least. When i heard everything about him all I could think was holy shit lol. I could have gotten banned too XD

    Either way. Funny how things work out I guess.

  4. Beta feature: exists

    Hoaxers: It's free real estate

  5. the biggest myth I fell for was that the Baron in Stratholme dropped his mount.

  6. lol, I just realized Sasuke kind sounds like Sabes-Que!

  7. I havent played WoW in 8 years and I wanna play again ;-;

  8. Madseason Sounds seriously as the most humble mf on earth.

  9. say sir, what was ur characters name in vanilla?,should not have been madseason? or did it?

  10. a lot of rumors exist because the games was planned up to wrath before launch.
    It also just so happens that the game fell apart after wrath.
    Pure coincidence.

  11. imagine using an op item that just appeared in your inventory and then getting banned instead of that GM getting fired and just having the loot you got from using it deleted, what a scum move

  12. Are there any instances of "myths" in wow that turned out to be true?

  13. I'm working on a game for my internship. And I have to focus on what I'm doing. But I can have a small floating player in the corner of one of my screens. But most videos are just way too distracting. I can't focus on what I'm doing. I can only watch your videos and actually hear what you're telling. And focus on the work I'm doing. I think your voice is really relaxing. And the jokes told really monotone. It's perfect. We call it 'dry humor' in dutch. And it's the best kind of humor.

  14. In final fantasy 7, there is a secret code that ressurects aerith

  15. Super Mario Sunshine in the end. Great memories!

    And another great video! 🙂

  16. 4:05 your glaives are backwards they are facing inward instead of outward.

    The Emerald Dream was supposed to be the next expansion after BC but Blizzard felt they need to close up the story line with Arthas and WC3. They eventually went with the questline with Malfurion in Cata to explain the Emerald Dream.

    Hellfire Peninsula was supposed to be a zone in Vanilla like any other zone and Kara was to be the endgame raid again lack of time and Blizzard feeling like it was out of place in Vanilla decided to keep it for BC.

  17. the bengal tiger vendor was the strongest myth for me at the time.. i remember the first time i got there (i think you get there by starting behind kazzak's area in the blasted lands and terrain jumping up what was supposed to be off limits).. it was the kind of thing you heard people talk about knowing someone who knew someone who saw the vendor there.. and there were good fakes on youtube even that must've been made with private servers..

  18. why does it sound like you're whispering in this one?

  19. Why is being banned an achievement xD

  20. All this cut content really makes me sad.

  21. The one I believed is frostmourne was a real drop by arthas at a 0.000001% chance if you did certain things first.. Their were always rumors in trade that some lucky ass death knight got it on the area 52 server.

  22. This recent tweet featuring Tom Chilton might be why there was a pic of a Nelf on a striped tiger mount that never made it into the game.

  23. 15:00 due to one reason or another (money)

  24. Don’t know if this was posted allready but back in Vanilla a looooot of players on our server where scouring every corner of IF to find a hidden/bugged entrance to Deep or Old Ironforge…. a fabled city below IF

  25. I remember trying so hard to get into zones that were on the map that were not accessible. I died so many times.

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