Top 10 Mysterious Unsolved Hauntings
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The concept of ghosts, hauntings, the paranormal they occupy the thoughts of many people. There are mysteries in the world that remain unsolved, poltergeists roaming free just waiting for their next home or person to haunt. Here on Most Amazing Top 10 we’re counting down the Top 10 Mysterious Unsolved Hauntings. Can you solve the mystery? These horror stories have lasted for years stay tuned and dive into the supernatural with us.
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  1. Valorie Lewis Reply

    Watching Che's fro so hard I had to rewind and actually listen to what he was saying! Mesmerized by the fro Che!

  2. ZombieGirl Fanter Reply

    I do dare to visit these places, and even spend the night.but then i do believe in 👻.

  3. Lava Sniper1248 Reply

    The Idaho penitentiary dose NOT have screams during the day I have been there for 1 week and the worst thing that happened was a black shadow on the 3rd floor in the first building that off limits


    Obviously I do believe in the paranormal

  5. African queen #blackisbeauty Reply

    do these things happend in Africa some body tell me

  6. We call it Padova instead of the Tranquille Sanatorium!

    There is so many scary tunnels underneath! We use to break into it when we were teens! Super spooky!!!

    PS: We had 2 female cats called Kitty and Kitten! We were not very creative!

  7. Megatron113 Reply

    If it was the family that was hacked to death in the house why would people see an axe wielding man?

  8. Obsidian Raen Reply

    Your lack of respect for any of the Civil War soldier's sacrifice is very disheartening.

  9. yasmin mcclary Reply

    Bruh facebook why not instagram if youtubers used instagram save me

  10. Mrs. Stevie Brown Reply

    Che's singing about my state totally made my day😍😍

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