Top 10 Musical Numbers in Teen Movies

Check out our featured song: “Speak” by Chasing Nomads!

Top 10 Musical Numbers in Teen Movies // Subscribe:

Whether you’re a musical fan or not, these scenes are for everyone. We love movies, and we love music – so why wouldn’t we love when these teen flicks breakout in song! These teen movies do it best, and these musical numbers really let their stars shine! For this list, we’re looking at all our favorite musical scenes in teen movies. The films don’t have to be musicals, but it does have to be a scene involving singing and/or dancing. The songs can be either originals or covers.

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  1. Check out our featured song: "Speak" by Chasing Nomads!

  2. Anybody else feel like once a movie's hit the stage of 'cult classic' it's no longer considered a 'teen movie'.

  3. gotta be me from teen beach 2 and chillin' like a villain from descendants 2 deserve to be on this list
    don't get me wrong cruisin like a bruisin is great and has great choreography but still!
    I do agree with the others no lemonade mouth?! smh, that movie came out when I was 13 (fun fact so was blake micheal aka charlie delgado,he just looked older)
    also can I have this dance from high school musical 3 has the best slow dance wish that was on the top 10 best disney slow dance list because that whole scene has amazing choreography and zac and vanessa had great chemistry
    I do agree with rotten to the core and queen of mean those are amazing songs and have great choreography
    make a part 2 and add these will ya MsMojo?
    pretty please with a can of lemonade on top

  4. make a pt 2 and include cheetah girls and lemonade mouth thank you

  5. Where was Hoedown Throwdown

  6. At least three of those were retellings of Romeo and Juliet anyone else notice

  7. for descendants i would actually pick either "Queen of mean" or "You do what you gotta do".❤

  8. I have no reason to disagree with any of the choices… BUT HOW DARE YOU RANK MY FAVORITE DISNEY SONG SO LOW!!!!
    I ❤ Ways to be Wicked! I watched the music video so many times i had it memeorized before Descendants 2 premiered!
    W-I-C-K-E-D! 🎶


  10. this is lemonade mouth erasure..

  11. This ain’t it at ALL..

  12. How did Cheetah Girls not rate a mention? The entire series has great songs to choose from

  13. I agree with all of these. I woulda liked to see musical episodes of tv shows in the honorables, but its probably better if you make a video dedicated to those instead. I love movie musicals/tv musicals. So I loved this list.

  14. Yeah I agree with your picks but the Queen of Mean by Audrey aka Sarah Jefferies from the Descendants franchise that should be on here is one of the greatest musical ever I absolutely love it and I absolutely love Sarah Jefferies aka Audrey

  15. She's so gone from Lemonade Mouth ain't on here for why?????

  16. The climb is wonderful but I understand why it’s on honorable mentions, because it’s not like a musical number with dancing and everything. It is on the other hand a very inspiring song

  17. My favorite movies of all time is the descendants movies, and high school musical moves.
    Kenny Ortega and the cast of both movies are legends!!! Cameron is an angel fly high 💞

  18. high school musical has entered the chat

  19. this list just doesn’t make sense at all

  20. “This is me” an honorable mention but a HSM song not even in the top 5 and no mention of The Cheetahs Girls. I mean HSM deserved more. WHO WROTE THIS TINA?

  21. I’m sorry but STRUT from Cheetah Girls 2 should have STRUTTED to this list!

  22. If Lemonade Mouth isn't on here..

  23. ARE YOU INSANE? We’re all in this together at Numer 6? Wtffffff. That’s so low for such an epic movie. HSM forever my number 1.

  24. "Chillin Like A Villain" is the most popular song of the Descendants franchise… and it should've been here instead of "Ways To Be Wicked"

  25. how did disney channel do better than ferris bueler…?

  26. johnny b goode from back to the future???

  27. Can't believe "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" is hardly being mentioned in the comments. One of the most iconic musical moments in any movie ever, and Heath Ledger absolutely nailed it 😍

  28. Me, a Grease fan:
    Freaks out when Grease is 1

  29. can we all agree that the 2003 freaky friday was the best one

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