Top 10 Movies With the Best Dialogue

Sure, we love a good explosion as much as the next person, but what is a movie without a good script? For this list, we’re looking at movie dialogue that brilliantly developed character, advanced the plot, gave light to theme, or did all three at the same time, with a style or flare that had us hooked. From modern masterpieces like “Pulp Fiction”, “The Social Network”, and “There Will Be Blood” to revered classics like “The Godfather”, “Glengarry Glen Ross” and “The Big Lebowski”, these movies proved that sometimes a few good words is all you need to hook audiences in. Which movie do you think has the best dialogue? Let us know in the comments below!
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  1. Morning Watch Mojo, interesting list. Makes for a good debate 😉

  2. When Harry meet Sally best dialogue alon with pulp fiction my two favourites for dialogue hence pulp fiction should be higher!

  3. Nice list, makes for a good list of movies to watch. I recently saw Molly's Game, I found the dialogue very powerful, even difficult to follow for me (not having English as mother tongue).

  4. Mean Girls has great comedy dialogue. If that were to be a list 🙂

  5. The silence of the lambs? WHERE’S THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS??!!!

  6. it is a joke that only one Tarantino film is on here and it is number 10. the other films weren't even in the honorable mentions

  7. I don't know who voted, but all of the honorable mentions deserved to be in this list than a few in here. Not saying they're not good, but I just disagree. There will be Blood has amazing dialogue and is one of the best movies ever made! And Goodfellas, are you kidding me??! Another classic full of the best dialogue.

  8. Sorkin vs Tarantino, essentially

  9. I love Twelve Angry Men! One of my favorite movies of all time.

  10. I'm so in agreement with the top pick. I love the movie. Thank You

  11. The Meyerowitz Stories

  12. Lucky Number Slevin.

  13. No David Mamet? Not even an honorable mention?

  14. 12 Angry Men was so good. My favorite of Hollywood's golden age.

  15. I wholeheartedly agree with this list though I do want to add it for me personally the Oceans trilogy specifically the one with Brad Pitt, George Clooney, & Matt Damon.

  16. Casablanca is so overrated

  17. The Big Lebowski as honorable mention and they show the only monologue in the movie.

  18. Funny how is probably my favorite movie line and I quote it at least once per month

  19. Top 10 Science Fiction Movies with the Best Dialogue please, Ms. Rebecca.

  20. Good one! Script & Story will always be the real bar that will either make or break a movie, not always CGI effects or pure action slugfests, let alone mindless violence.


  22. In bruges and No Country for Old Men should be on this personally

  23. Clerks or Clerks 2????

  24. Nah the best dialogue is Tommy wiseau saying this in the room.
    "Come on! This is bulls**t"

  25. Best Comedy Dialogue? I'd nominate Chasing Amy
    "What's a Nubian?"
    "… I was forever chasing Amy."

  26. Where is "Citizen Kane"????? The dialogue goes so well with the story telling.

  27. John Carpenter's HALLOWEEN

  28. The Sweet Smell of Success is too good to be an honorable mention.

  29. My Top 10 without looking first
    1. The Graduate
    2. Requiem for a Dream
    3. Flirting with Disaster
    4. Ordinary People
    5. Fargo
    6. Airplane!
    7. Wild at Heart
    8. Best in Show
    9. Kramer vs Kramer
    10. Showgirls – seriously funny script

  30. Best dialogues in TV series…

  31. Predicting pulp fiction being on here

  32. The Big Kahuna!!!, Sunset Limited!!!

  33. MARRIAGE STORY??????

  34. I was hoping to see Good Will Hunting on this list!

  35. Of course 12 Angry Men is #1, I'd be mad if it wasn't! Such a classic movie

  36. Juno, Diner, and nearly any coen brothers film should be on the list.

  37. How do you like them apples?

  38. I knew it would be 12 Angry Men

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