Top 10 Movie Adaptations That No One Asked For

Seriously, Hollywood, not everything has to be a movie! For this list, we’re looking at adaptations of TV shows, animated classics, video games, and even board games that NO ONE wanted. Our list includes “The Emoji Movie” (2017), “The Lion King” (2019), “Ghost in the Shell” (2017), “Garfield: The Movie” (2004), “Sonic the Hedgehog” (2020), and more! What movie adaptation do YOU think were completely unnecessary? Let us know in the comments!

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Special thanks to our user ThomasO for suggesting this idea!

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  1. Holmes and watson was just a joke… it was meant to be a joke. Just saying

  2. Dissapointed that Detective Pikachu wasn't on this list. Sometimes movies that no one asked for end up being something people really love and didn't know they wanted. I never once wanted to see pokemon in live action, until that first trailer dropped. So why is this entire video negative?

  3. I thought the emoji movie was pretty good.

  4. Never asked for Detective Pikachu, but it was exactly what I wanted.

  5. Avatar TLA was so bad, WatchMojo forgot it existed.

  6. It's bad that we got remakes, but it's worse that we got what we did NOT ask for.

  7. No one asked for games or amines adaptation… And neither for the endless Disney's remakes. 😑

  8. Nothing wrong with 9. Need for Speed. Script, scenes, action and musicscore are very good.
    Better than the overrated and milked out F&F franchise.

  9. I'm just surprised that Emoji Movie isn't top on this list

  10. Only one I disagree with is Max Payne.

  11. And the live action gundam movie will be next on this list.

  12. The live action garfield and lion king movie were great movies

  13. have you heard of "Dragon Ball evolution" ?

  14. Didn't like Ghost in the Shell with real actors either, but who ever said, that Major Mokoto Kusanagi couldn't look eurasian? The Chief clearly Looks like an Asian, and others in the Franchise too. And with a full Cyberbody ….. isn't the look irrelevant? But that wasn't clear in the 'real' movie too …. but it was even more a sidenote in the Animations (movies and series).Therefore I would never condemn the choise of Scarlett Johannson, but more the fact, that if you use someone eurasian, than you should clearly Point out, that your Looks can completely be Chosen by yourself.

  15. The only reason i would watch Sonic is for Jim Carrey's Eggman

  16. Lion king was fine, it wasn't bad.

  17. Anime fans rarely if ever ask for a live action 😂

  18. Starsky and hutch was great !!

  19. We asked for a max payne adaptation, but we wanted a good one!!!

  20. Fortnite burger

  21. 🎶 Gangsters Paradise 🎶

  22. Starks and Hutch? Fucking hilarious

  23. Nobody’s asking for a cowboy bebop movie

  24. Sony should stop making movies period. I think most of these films are from Sony.

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