TOP 10: Most watched in November – Junior Eurovision Song Contest

Which songs have you been watching the most in November? We have combined the views of song releases, music videos, national final performances and live performances on this channels. Note: Advertisement views and views from external sources are not taken into account.

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  1. Polska wygrała❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Where is the nederland?

  3. I honestly loved Belarus so much, it's just a really nice song and I love Liza's energy so much

  4. 🇪🇸❤🇪🇸❤🇪🇸❤🇪🇸❤🇪🇸

  5. It would be funny if Darija came back 10 years later to eurovision and scores 10th there too. We would have Sergey Jr.


  7. remember when lizi pop would top these each month

  8. Mimo iż jestem z Polski to jednak występ Hiszpanii I Francji lepiej wyszły niż Wiki takie moje zdanie . Co nie zmienia faktu iż mi się wcale nie podobało chodzi o to że w występie Wiki czasem nie było za czysto w głosie pozdrawiam

  9. Thanks to Poland for this incredible edition this year, and the rest of the countries for the quality of all the songs, it has been excellent, see you in Poland next year, much love from Spain ❤

  10. `'°•{💙💛🇰 🇿💛💙}•°'`

  11. MY TOP 5:
    1. Poland 2019
    2. Kazakhstan
    3. Spain
    4. Poland 2018
    5. Serbia

  12. Erjan Maksim 🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿👍👍👍

  13. 🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱

  14. One of my favourite is belarus and no one is talking about it…

  15. My wineer armenia 🇦🇲 👍👌💪

  16. Sin duda España la mejor

  17. Serbia,North Macedonia,Belarus,Poland – the best 💗 but Australia, Albania, Ireland, Malta, and Portugal were still missing in this video – they also had beautiful songs💗

  18. After all songs in 2019 Poland is the really winner!

  19. In my opinion,
    Bim bam toi (out)
    Jamais sans toi (in) 😉👍🏼👍🏼

  20. it's nice that Roksana was also here and that they didn't know about her. Poland has power!

  21. Kazakhstan!!!

  22. 🇰🇿👍🇰🇿👍🇰🇿👍🇰🇿👍
    №1 №1 №1 №1

  23. Польша так себе, за Россию нужно было одного Денберела пропустить. Зачем к ней эту девочку еще прицепили?А наш Ержан самый лучший. Потом Денберел 🤩

  24. No trace of Lizi Pop!!! 😱

  25. Magic of Poland haha ❤🇵🇱

  26. Everyone : save the world !!!

    Carla , France : BIM BAMM BOUMM

  27. my top 10 🙂 from 🇲🇰

    10. Kazakhstan
    09. Belarus
    08. Italy
    07. Armenia
    06. Wales
    05. Poland
    04. The Netherlands
    03. Spain
    02. France
    01. North Macedonia 😄😌

  28. Is this the first time Lizi Pop isn't in the list?

  29. Serbia forever 10th… :'(

  30. Since when there is a junior eurovision tf? I never heard anything about it.

  31. 2019 :

  32. Like: Spain
    Coment: Poland
    Like and coment: France

  33. Tyle ile będzie lików tyle razy napiszę" Viki wygrała! "

    1. Viki wygrała!

  34. Tyle osób cieszy się że Viki Gabor wygrała
    👇 Dzięki za like

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