Every year after the show we gather the top 10 most watched entries of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. This is your top 10 of 2019. We have combined the views of music videos, national final performances and live performances that are uploaded to the official Junior Eurovision YouTube channel. Note: We have deducted views from advertisement and external sources from the total amounts.

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  1. Bota Kanatbekova Reply


  2. mangogarlic Onion Reply

    Utterly disgusting child abuse. Whoever organized this, should be put to prison, for life.

  3. People always like Armenia’s entries but never vote for them 😏

  4. Guess I didn't watch my favourites enough 😂

    but I'm glad to see them on this list

  5. Julia Kolasa Reply

    1 polska
    2 Macedonia
    3 Albania
    4 Armenia
    5 Hiszpanią
    6 Kazachstan
    7 Francja
    8 Serbia
    9 Rosja
    10 belarys
    11 ?

  6. Pᴀʀssɪᴠɪᴀ ᴜᗯᴜ Reply

    najlepsze występy:
    francja, polska, kazakhstan (w kolejnosci od najlepszego)
    to takie MOJE top 3

  7. Johnny Oudijn Reply

    Mijn top 10
    1 the nederlands
    2 Spain
    3 France
    4 Serbia
    5 Australië
    6 poland
    7 Belarus
    8 Russia
    9 armenia
    10 noord Maradona

  8. Fernando de la torre Reply

    Melani garcia un talento innato: Conservatorio superior de musica "Joaquin Rodrigo" Valencia ,Spain . Profesora :Fabuel Maupoey, Gloria – Canto Violin, Conservatori Professional de Música de Torrent valencia Spain. Melani Garcia.Campeona Autonomica ,Comunidad Valenciana.Gimnasia Ritmica. Melani – Nessun Dorma | La ganadora de 'La Voz Kids..Etc..Mas añña de marte galaxy

  9. Lubie piosenkę ze Spain ale nie zachowują się jak dobrze dla Polski

  10. Ерасыл Канжил Reply

    Ержан Максим. Жарайсың 👍👍👍 Ағайын лайк басыңдар😉

  11. Konráð Arthúrsson Reply

    Australia and Italy not in the top 10, but in the JESC top 10…
    And Belarus and Russia in the top 10 watched as well…
    If you replace russia with Ukraine in the video, that makes up my top 10 of the contest

  12. Giorgio Geraci Reply

    Kazakh boy is little Pavarotti. Unbelievable vocal for his age. I am shocked.

  13. Giorgio Geraci Reply

    My top 5.
    1. Spain
    2. Kazakhstan
    3. Armenia
    4. France
    5. Serbia

  14. Litsa Macri Reply

    C U T E! Dynamic S E R B I A. 🔥. What A VOICE. WOW. ☔. DANCE. Make A Noise. .Miracles Can Happen. 🕰. 🌬🐷🚄🐶🐱-⚡

  15. Quinty Vogelaar Reply

    I noticed something with Spain.. she had something white on her mic..

  16. Giorgio Geraci Reply

    My two kids 6 and 11 years voted for Marta, Spain, Kazakhstan and they liked a girl from Armenia.

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