Here’s the Top 10 Most Violent LEGO Sets 2 – a follow-up to the smash hit 2016 video! Well, we all know horror sequels USUALLY suck. But with new themes like LEGO Stranger Things, LEGO Overwatch, and returning ones like LEGO Harry Potter, which sets will make the list?

Check out CM4Sci’s Snoke’s Throne Room custom set:

Thanks to Ashnflash for the awesome Twitch artworks:

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just2good lists and countdowns #53 (S03E15 / Opinionated #34)


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  1. 6:12 – That music is actually from Wario Land 3, it isn't the Cut Man Stage from Mega Man 1. Whoops!

  2. The clone wars genuinely is good, just look up the most important episodes and catch-up on those

  3. I just realized your profile pic looks like Waspinator (if you get that reference you’re cool)

  4. The only scary thing in this video is how he probably never watched a horror movie

  5. Dylan McDowall Reply

    I’m surprised you didn’t include the rancor set. Sorry for the spelling.

  6. I'm sorry but wtf kids shouldn't have a Lego blood made outa bricks? It's not bad at all either Ur just a sissy little wimp or I'm just crazy

  7. OMG ITS A FUKING SHOTGUN MADE OUT OF BRICKS how much more gruesome can it get

  8. I watch actual R rated movies and I just see this where it is like “oh the bones are connected to the ground with red peaces SO GORY!” Not to be rude but I found that funny!

  9. Lupus Warrior Reply

    Not gonna lie those duplo Dino’s were so goddamn cute and adorable

  10. Jeremy Ruffino Reply

    You wanna know the scariest thing about lego… their prices.

  11. How could people buy this for thier kids theres barely any violence like how is that any fun to ppay with

  12. Lightning XYT Reply

    For those of you who watch stranger things, you'll know it's not blood, it's just the infection thingy

  13. Marty McWhy Reply

    who's ready for ghostbuster 2020 and see if we get some cool sets

  14. Oh nono body parts, blO0d and murder and death AghGhgGh my poor young mind

  15. Literally every Star Wars set could be violent I mean Clones And Stormtroopers are always murdered in different fashions and ways but who cares they're still cool

  16. Everyone: omg guns no no
    America: hey there 2 year old have a double barrel for self protection 🙂

  17. Salem Saberhagen Reply

    I'm still waiting for a Lego Texas Chainsaw Massacre set. 🙂

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