Top 10 Most Ridiculous Outfits on Sex and the City

Top 10 Most Ridiculous Outfits on Sex and the City // Subscribe:

These ladies might’ve been fashionistas, but now it’s time to look at the most ridiculous outfits on Sex and the City. We’re looking at the most absurd, over-the-top and memorably awful looks ever seen on the show. On a show with such a focus on fashion, there were as many misses as there were hits. MsMojo ranks the most ridiculous outfits on Sex and the City. Which SATC outfit did you find the most ridiculous? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. What do you think of our list? Which SATC outfits do you think were the most ridiculously unwearable? Let us know your thoughts below!

  2. Sorry, but that Chanel top was fabulous AF! Should have been paired with different bottoms….

  3. I love oversized denim overall, and I dont care who I will meet.

  4. Strongly disagree with
    8 that puffy shoulders are really in trend right now
    4 damn this is one of the most stylish outfits

  5. The cowboy outfit might be my favorite look she ever wore!!! What the hell!!! She looked amazing!!! But i loved all of their outfits on the show though they add dimension to the characters it was a different time and none of these women are cookie cutters so why would their clothes be

  6. Don't wanna be rude, but I have to say that a woman who looks like that (bra escaping the top, neon pink nails, 2000's hair stylee and makeup that is not exactly her skin tone) shouldn't be judging Sex and the City's outfits, unless she just reads the text from a paper, then I get it…

  7. What was wrong with the Chanel head scarf?

  8. Idk what you guys are talking about, that shirt and belt combo was hideous. Its not the shirt and belt itself, it's the articles she picked and how she put them together.

  9. What about that tutu she wears in the opening credits. The first time I saw that my chin hit the floor. It deserved to be splashed with mud.

  10. I think Carrie’s shirt and belt looks very cute and chic, but the size doesn’t seems to be big’s shirt tho😂

  11. They were all ridiculous but that was the time lol everyone dressed horribly during that time.

  12. Patricia Fields the shows stylist is always lauded for her talent. Uh I don’t think so.

  13. TBH, the dress Carrie is wearing in the scenes when Samantha is wearing the blue sequin jumpsuit is way worse imho. The fringes are hidous, and makes the dress look like some kind of floor mat…

  14. i love the dress shirt and belt lmao

  15. You can wear anything in New York and still feel appropriate. That's the spirit of the city!

  16. I don't feel there is right or wrong in the fashion industry. For me all of these outfits are fine.

  17. I literally love all of these. At least they are choices and not just blindly following the crowd like most people. Y'all are just sheep.

  18. It is ridiculous but I kind of loved Carrie's slutty cowgirl outfit

  19. I don’t think anyone involved in the making of this video truly understands Carrie’s fashion sense. Also, Carrie wasn’t coveting that Birkin, that was Samantha. Early season Miranda’s outfits were so bad.

    Out of all of the girls, Carrie’s primary fashion goal is to be playful and unique. She makes use of chic brands but likes to put her own spin on them. That’s the difference between a trendsetter and someone who follows trends. There’s a reason that people are still discussing the character. Patricia Field created an icon.

  20. i just loled at this list, sorry lady with the bra lace showing

  21. The #1 isn’t even terrible

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