Out of all four nations, who is the ultimate, most powerful bender around?!
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  1. A Wild Ymarc Appeared! Reply

    My list would be:
    1. All the Avatars
    2. UnaVaatu (Dark Avatar)
    3. Yakone/Amon
    4. Iroh
    5. Ozai
    6. Toph
    7. Tenzin
    8. Katara/Zuko
    9. Azula
    10. Tarrlok/Bumi/Zaheer/Kuvira

  2. Raven Korra Reply

    Will avatar the last Airbender and the legends of korra being on Netflix

  3. sayooo miyahh Reply

    Can Nickelodeon pleaaase bring this back to my TV???? It’s on Netflix but they’re gonna delete it😭😭😭

  4. sayooo miyahh Reply

    Since Katara is a water bender, I wonder who the other water bender she inherited the waterbending ability is.

  5. Scemtion Stuff Reply

    I love how avatar The Last Airbender came out 10 years ago and legend of korra ended 5 years ago or something but still videos are still being made of them

    My favorite shows will live on forever

  6. I don't think Aang mastered the elements at the end of the show, he only learned the basics. The only times he used advanced water, earth or firebending moves was while being in the Avatar State. So we don't actually know how long it took him to master all the elements. Also you forgot to mention that Korra was capable of energybending as well.

  7. Amon definitely should have been higher on the list. He is one of the most powerful water-benders and was able to use his abilities to take people’s bending.

  8. Matthew Cisneros Reply

    6:10 he literally took some deep breaths and made a fireball that broke through the wall

  9. gENeTic Games and Movies Reply

    I am sorry but everyone knows Saka’s
    boomerang is the strongest bender

  10. gENeTic Games and Movies Reply

    I am sorry but everyone knows Saka’s
    boomerang is the strongest bender

  11. gENeTic Games and Movies Reply

    I am sorry but everyone knows Saka’s
    boomerang is the strongest bender

  12. Real top 10
    2. Toph
    3. Iroh
    4. Oman
    5. Bumi
    6. Ming Hua
    7. Ozai
    8. Azula
    9. Tenzin
    10. Kuvira

  13. William Henning Reply

    I feel like this video was inspired in part by Antoine Bandele’s Avatar videos.

    Either way, it’s a great video. Always love to see more of this kind of content.

  14. Zendrick Nicolas Reply

    Bumi should be number 1 not the King of Omashu Bumi
    Tenzin’s brothrr Bumi he’s an omnipotent being far too great even for vaatu n raava

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