Top 10: MOST Popular SEDAN CRASH TEST in INDIA ! ! !

Hey guys, In this video I’ve shown you the Top 10 Most Popular Sedan Crash Tests in India. Enjoy 🙂

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  1. Hyundai verna

  2. Whereeeee is Dezire ?

  3. Bro what a horrible music was going

  4. I don't know if it's a Billie eilish song but the beginning seems very

  5. Tests should be done without airbags. Getting 4 stars with airbags isn't a big task

  6. Did u people notice that…even Volkswagen vento's side window glass didn't break while side barrier test

  7. These cars are not from India, if we test all these cars expect TATA made in India, the result will be different.

    In short they sell inferior quality cars in INDIAN.

  8. Where is maruti suzuki dizre in crash test

  9. Never underestimate Honda!

  10. Ахуительно!

  11. Honda and Toyota are the best

  12. Wrong information

  13. How the fuck verna got 4 stars. The front got completely destroyed😱

  14. We did the greatest on the Yaris

  15. 1:58 that's not even hyundai verna

  16. Just a trash. Passing onto vehicles from other region of the world as Indian.

  17. Toyota yaris,honda civic and honda city

  18. Hyudai xcent
    Skoda rapid

  19. One of the stupid channels I have seen
    compares previous versions and latest versions, shows Hyundai Verna new version and shown previous version's test

  20. What about DZire and Tigor?

  21. Not really good video, they are latin, euro and asia-NCAP and US-IIHS. IIHS is very harder

  22. Link for the song

  23. What is the song name

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