Top 10 Most Popular Pokémon for Pokémon Sword and Shield

These 10 BEST Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield were mentioned a lot in the last best Pokemon for Pokemon Sword and Shield. So I decided to put that altogether and go over the most popular Pokemon picks from the comments and choose the Top 10 Most Popular Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield that were defend in my worst Top 10 or desired in my best Top 10. Alternate titles include Top 10 BEST Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield, Top 10 DEFINITELY NOT BAD Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield, Top 10 I DIDN’T MEAN TO BE MEAN TO THESE POKEMON in Pokemon Sword and Shield, and Top 10 Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield drafted by the Pokemon major league community known as my comments.
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  1. Hey everyone, had a different video for today but some editing problems happened so we have an apology video for the best and worst pokemon in gen 8 that we made. These are the popularly defended and praise Pokemon from those comments, other titles for this video include Top 10 Most Popularly Defended Pokemon, Top 10 I DIDN'T MEAN TO BE MEAN TO THESE POKEMON, and Top 10 Pokemon drafted by the Pokemon major league community known as my comments.

    Hope you're enjoying the videos and please make sure to like and subscribe as we'll be uploading daily at 10am EST! ^^ Thanks for being here and just realized yesterday was 9 years since my first upload lol. I appreciate all the support, both long time and recent.

  2. I dont care about its lore falinks looks dumb.

  3. i like shield better i am getting a nintendo switch in 3 days and i'm getting shield cause i just feel like sword is just award no offence


  5. Dracozolt and arctozolt both kinda look like Woodstock from Charley brown now u can't unsee it your welcome!!

  6. One of my favourite new Pokemon is the one with the best name.
    Not as fun to say for Americans, but I'm from New Zealand, so it's fun to say.

  7. I’m getting shield and like Zamazenta better, but y does it have no stall moves

  8. Too be fair how the hell are you going to defend your self and you didnt even know what a phalanx was.?? Disliked, unsubscribed, reported, and reported as kids content so all your shit gets removed.. Bruhhhh…
    WEEE ARE SPARTA!! like how the fuck can you not notice how great of a design this pokemon is.. your defense is a shame.

  9. Number 10 is popular but for all the wrong reasons since that retarded fanbase know as bronies loves it a lot for obvious reasons hopefully they will die off soon since thankfully the show aired it’s last episode in October of this year.

  10. Grimmsnarl is so cool!

  11. I the remake are named Pokemon Knight

  12. Pokemon was first not digimon

  13. I love Snom, Clobbopus, and Milcery

  14. I'm glad you learned you lesson about falinks. The cutest boi out there. He's the reason I ordered a pokeball plus, just so I can bring him with me.

  15. Why isn't dragapult on yhis list

  16. The shiny I've managed to catch was a falinks. Whooo.

  17. I was sure toxicity was going to be on here

  18. "Shielded from reality"

  19. The only reason I am picking sword is because sword doggo.

  20. Orbeetle, galarian rapidash, grimmsnarl, toxapex, rillaboom, and corviknight that’s been my squad for a lot of the game and some of my favs for sure, shield gang btw

  21. Does anyone else thinks that Greedent looks like Big Chungus?

  22. I love Perrserker the only thing bad about it is that it’s pre evo is an unnecessary galarian form

  23. And here i thought that Toxitricity would be one of the most popular

  24. I liked drakzolt

  25. I love dracovish

  26. Falinks? Really?

  27. Yes. I love Wooloo.😍

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