The most parodied TV shows have taken on lives of their own. We’ll be looking at various television shows that have been endlessly parodied over the years.

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  1. Nicolas Ali Reply

    When they don’t mention the bachelorette parody on big mouth >:|

  2. CultClassic/ DeadInside Reply

    That clip from The Cable Guy never gets old 😂💕

  3. Ioannis Iosifidis Reply

    "Law and order" and "Law and order:SVU" are not the same show. Ok it's a spin-off but it hasn't ended.


    I highly recommend Supernatural Parody and Supernatural Parody 2 by the Hillywood Show.

    You are in for quite some surprices❤️

    Enjoy and have an awesome day😉

  5. JamesDavy2009 Reply

    "There is nothing wrong with your device. Do not attempt to adjust its settings. We are controlling Internet traffic. We control the uploads. We control the downloads. For the next hour we will control all that you see and hear. We repeat: there is nothing wrong with your device. You are about to participate in a great adventure. You are about to experience the awe and mystery, which reaches from the inner mind to…The Outer Limits."

  6. NebularImact95 Reply

    The question is, what shows HAVEN’T the Simpsons parodied?

  7. stone1andonly Reply

    Uh, yeah… apparently, you don't know parody. At least half of this list has no reason to be on there in terms of how often they're parodied. Do you employ anyone over the age of 30?

  8. BobbyCar Hater Reply

    breaking bad in thumbnail but not on the list
    what the fuck?

  9. Chelsey Lynn Reply

    Family guy has literally spoofed every one on his list! 😂😂

  10. Cat Charlie Reply

    We all know "The Twilight Zone" has been parodied to death the past 50 years! I've seen it on The Simpsons, Tiny Toons. Heck, even Johnny Bravo jumped on the bandwagon with all the spoofed vignettes dedicated to the show! That's what makes it iconic and interesting! For all I know, I truly doubt those parodies will fade away anytime soon.

  11. Cyanide Cyrax Reply

    What's the point of making Breaking Bad the thumbnail if it's not even gonna be in the video

  12. GoT should have been higher. And it was interesting to see The Simpsons, Family Guy and Jimmy Fallon in the honourable mentions after they were shown parodying some of the top 10 themselves.

    Oh, and isn't Law And Order: SVU a completely other show than Law And Order? I'm asking cause the latter was being mentioned while scenes from the former were shown.

  13. Just about every popular show on TV,going all the way back to The Honeymooners,has been parodied.

  14. blindandwatching Reply

    Rod Serling appeared in a parody of the Twlight Zone on the Jack Benny show.

  15. d2cuadrados Reply

    You're forgetting Jaws. Also, there's an episode of the amazing world of gumball where they reference Heisenberg from Breaking Bad

  16. Great list: yeah to GOT, Star Trek and Twilight Zone.
    Please do a list of The Simpson’s best parodies unless that been done already

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