Top 10 Most Outrageous Pawn Stars Items

You won’t find the most outrageous Pawn Stars items on eBay or Amazon. We’ll be looking at the most ridiculous, weirdest, and downright bizarre items that have been seen on Pawn Stars. So, people just… own this stuff? WatchMojo ranks the most outrageous Pawn Stars items. How much would you pay for these items? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. $500 from $20,000? She must have really needed that crack hit!

  2. I can buy a dinosaur egg for 600$??

  3. Phoebe should be appear in more videos

  4. That dinosaur looks like an old rotten peanut

  5. Saddam hussain was not evil usa is

  6. just realized saddam was arrested on my 2nd birthday

  7. Hey my name is rock and I have a friend that specializes in everything anybody brings in

  8. I feel sorry for Rick for the Submarine. It really hurts.

  9. Sorry to bust into reality, but every single thing on Pawn Stars is staged and totally fake.

  10. This show is so retarded

  11. All the females you hire are so pretentious and obviously there just to look good. They probably think they’re journalist reporters lol lol

  12. Great job repeating what the people in the video say. 🙂
    Kudos! 🙂

  13. Why are you just repeating what was said in the clips? I heard them just seconds ago.

  14. If I were a doctor the blood transfusion one would be cool.

  15. 1:32 poor lady i dont know if she was cheated or what!

  16. #mightymikebtown

  17. i use to love watching this show

  18. i should shit in a bag and say its trumps lol

  19. Despite the quackery that was connected to them the Violet Ray had an interesting real use. As they produce Ozone which is bactericidal, barbers would use them after shaving a client to avoid infections.

  20. Rick was forced to give the Grammy back, can't sell those or Oscars.

  21. Can someone connect me to a website that explains what a dentrolithis is?

  22. You know damn well chum is thinking he can use the elephant dung to super fertilize his weed plants!!

  23. Definitely NOT a vampire! 👌

  24. Artie looks very like Dr. Morris who appeared on one of the episodes of Kitchen Nightmares

  25. The show was fake, so who cares

  26. "This gun is so rare! You could give me all the money in the world and I couldn't even buy 50 of these!" "So what's it worth?" "I dunno, you'd maybe get $3000 for it" …..WUT?

  27. Love how they just repeat everything thats said in the video…

  28. Idk watchmojo, a vintage waffle iron sounds like a pretty normal pawn item to me

  29. That elephant poop, $5 floor but with a $10,000 roof?! Outrageous 🤣

  30. shiiiit!!! the hussein's fingerprints? somebody has to be shot for that

  31. How are dinosaur eggs like 500 shouldn't they be priceless or in museum

  32. Lol is it me or is pawn stars blowing up online now

  33. So gollum stopped by the shop..

  34. Love how the dinosaurs expert had to dress as a Jurassic park character so you know his a dinosaur expert

  35. Id buy hitlers fingerprints for 50,000 bucks

  36. He is so old, the show calls him "old man"…

  37. Imagine putting .com in your yt name

  38. Are you sure that guy is a expert?? bc every expert I've met NEVER puts a their finger over the open end barrel of the weapon…. come on gun safety dumba$$

  39. Whats the point of the dislike button in the comment section. All it does is change color

  40. Anybody here was waiting for the pez collection?
    This is an insult to the pez community that you didn't show it!

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