Being a popular hip-hop artist basically guarantees a significant amount of hate coming your way, regardless of what kind of artist or person you are. It simply comes with the territory of success and boundary-pushing. But some artists, even when the obvious reasons for people disliking them are accounted for, seem to garner an unusually large amount of hate. In this video, we’ll rank the most disliked artists in hip-hop based on factors including the length of time as a hated figure, the intensity of hatred, and notoriety, or in other words, how widespread the hate for an artist is.
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Narrated by: Pro (@JaysnProlifiq)
Written by: Zander Tsadwa
Edited by: Roman Bill
Music by: Josh Petruccio & Young Taylor
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  1. Vic is loved in Chicago. But we know that ain't the case out of state.

  2. L.A. LOPEZ K.C. HERRERA Reply

    There hated but they sell regardless I'm old a 90s guy listening to jay z vol. 3 life and times of s. Carter right now and I like a very few of young cats ( yg, nipsey, j cole, g perico and a few others) but I don't criticized (much) most of these young cats since I really don't listen to them

  3. YourMoms_senpai Reply

    I don't like ill xan or anything but he's not white.
    Do research first.

  4. YourMoms_senpai Reply

    I don't like ill xan or anything but he's not white.
    Do research first.

  5. Goku Uzimakiii Reply

    Drake definently should've been up here, it's clear a lot of shit niggas don't fw him. Ngl

  6. choclitwonder Reply

    I'm like who, who, who, who, who, who, who??…………Corny Cockonraches

  7. Vanhook4456 Reply

    Hopsin can spit🔥, his flow and lyrics could survive in the 90s rap game(golden era of mc's)…if these others don't like him, go at him then!!!

  8. Landree Harris Reply

    But xxx was weak af too but kudos for beating that fags ass and he would fight you

  9. Terrence PERKINS Reply

    Lil Wayne birth these weirdos. They dnt say nothing in they rhyme

  10. HitmanKing Jay Reply

    If I had the guns and money from GTA Online I'll start my Hitman list start saving the world from these trash rappers killing them off will do the world a favorite

  11. walkinchubby Reply

    Always wondered why Russ never got anywhere, i thought his music was dope a couple years ago…


    Cant stand Wale..he suked..DEDEBLASS THE BLACK MADONNA

  13. Mason Nicholson Reply

    Not a fan of lil xan but yall know he's hispanic right??? Not white???

  14. Cardi is not on the list because she's not a rapper 😂😂😂

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