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All gameplay:
IKONIK – Cinematics:
Locker Shots:
Gameplay (ikonik gameplay stops at 02:15):
Galaxy – Gameplay:
Cinematics at 0:07
Wonder – Gameplay:
Locker Shots:
Reflex – Item Shop shots: Stealth Reflex Gameplay: Regular Reflex Gameplay (02:45): Random Reflex Shots:
Double Helix – Locker Shots:
Cinematics (From Butterfly Event):
EON – Gameplay: Locker Shots: Cinematics:
Dark Vertex – Gameplay:
Locker Shots:
Royale Bomber – Locker Shots + Gameplay: Cinematics + Gameplay:
Neo Versa – Gameplay:
More Gameplay:
Locker Shots:
Warpaint/Rose Team Leader –
RTL Locker Shots:
RTL Gameplay:
RTL Cinematics:
Warpaint Gameplay:
More Warpaint Gameplay (06:45 for best gameplay) Locker Shots for both:
Frostbite – Cinematics + Locker Shots:
More Cinematics:
Gameplay + Win:

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  1. zach coughlin Reply

    Pat: 10 skins you can’t afford
    9 yr olds: hold my moms credit card

  2. Yay I have ikonik and I didn’t even have to spend a penny to get it

  3. Mineprotime YT Reply

    Honor guard has been released but it was cancelled a few days after due to hackers giving people the skins

  4. Bomber royale isn't $10. the cheapest one right now is $300 on ebay. jesus.

  5. Savage Quartz Reply

    I have 3 of these skins
    An xbox skin
    And 2 mobile skins
    I got ikonk recently
    And the glow skin came out too
    I gave my sis that code
    And I do have the s10e
    Trust me I'm broke before I got all of this stuff and I am still broke now XD

  6. For the Neo Versa you could also buy it with a wireless headset for the ps4 but cost $100

  7. Desiree James Reply

    What do you think is rarer, Dark Vertex or the Evoker? I have them both I just want to know.

  8. Maniac man 21 Reply

    Why would honor guard come from a Huawei phone and not an honor phone?

  9. Marios kaklamanis Reply

    Yall not have ikonik cuz you dont know a guy on instagram called xdmhtsos who was selling it for 15 $ and was legit me and the boys have it + half of greece

  10. daniel reeve Reply

    Came back to this channel to see what happened…. can guarantee none of your original fans watch this

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