Top 10: Most EXPENSIVE Car CRASH TEST ! ! !

Hey guys, In this video I’ve shown you some of the Most expensive Car Crash tests filmed. Enjoy 🙂

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Dodge Challenger, Chevrolet Camaro, Ford Mustang and Tesla Model S Video Credit: YOUCAR
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  1. Imagine on any the filmer forgot to press record button …😐

  2. Dodge is such crap !!! , if you buy that shit your a moron !!! Person in that car would be dead !!

  3. Я смотрел на это с головной болью, которая развилась до большой степени, смотря это видеоролик

  4. no wonder why so many people die in car crashes now a days cause the material they make the cars out of

  5. I didn't expect that bad result from Lamborghini… McLaren which is much more old showed much more better result.

  6. I just see alot of fatal leg injuries..

  7. Without a doubt the F1

  8. Look

  9. Look this video

  10. I'm really sad for watchin crash lamborghini

  11. nobody: crashes 20million koniegsegg
    cameraman: forget to turn on the camera

  12. Chervolate Camaro most expensive??

  13. What did you do? This is a sportscar?

  14. 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  15. does crash car has same specs with cars that is sold?

  16. Acun Ilıcalı'dan gelenler . 🖑

  17. dodge challengers are not expensive

  18. You could have just given me one of those…….

    It’s okay,I wouldn’t have paid you

  19. neither are Camaro or mustang

  20. a Dodge Challenger is not expensive

  21. клас

  22. My wife might be driving all of them

  23. Can't give me a few cars ? Conjuce

  24. What do you do for a living?

    I crash cars

  25. If AMBASSADOR 🚗 hits (crash test), wall breakes 😉

  26. The last one broke my heart

  27. Only i like is the music hohoho

  28. please dont weast money like this.i will send my account no, u can give me this money .

  29. You're not the only one that can't afford them I can't neither so that made me happy to see him get crashed

  30. What's the use of crash testing when people still dying from car accident.

  31. 3:55 that car is just weak…

  32. (My perfect date)
    Me and a girl get comfortable in our seats

    We both close our eyes


  33. The more expensive car is the worst video quality it have

  34. Scratches at the level 6 with deeper grooves at the level 7.

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