We’ve compiled a list of moving Blind Auditions. Emotions run free in this compilation.
Which performance was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!👇
🚨 This video features the following performances:
1. David Jackson sings “All I Want”
2. Vernon Barnard sings “Story Of My Life”
3. Jessie Eilers sings “Angel”
4. Lukáš Vincler sings “Say Something”
5. Patricia van Haastrecht sings “Rise Up”
6. Eliza G sings “Hurt”
7. Mennel Ibtissem sings “Hallelujah”
8. Fernando Daniel sings “When We Were Young”
9. Ibe Wuyts sings “Tenerife Sea”
10. Sheldon Riley sings “Do You Really Want To Hurt Me”
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  1. iranhy heart Reply

    Normalmente odio a los humanos y entonces los escucho cantar y de nuevo les creo.

  2. Simon Grönlund Reply

    Except from #8 this is a great compilation. I cannot understand why judges turned around so quickly for #8 but I think they all wanted another "catch" for their team, but if this guys is a "catch" in their ears I am embarrassed for their country, sorry about that. While the others have theirs ups and average, this is a great compilation.

  3. Secure Administrator Reply

    Can we acknowledge the unmitigated talent coming out of Holland? Those great singers in Holland are triple A world class.

  4. I hate when people clap along to a song…especially a ballad… Dorks!

  5. Joey Henson Reply

    why is every other country other than the USA so fucking mediocre on these shows? seriously, these judges turn around the second any of these singers get even remotely on key vocally. I can't shed a tear because I'm cringing so hard listening to these awful singers and watching these judges who look like fucking douchebags. I mean holy fuck

  6. vincent nelson Reply

    Dont worry I was starting to cry to it was so beautiful 😂

  7. вот так надо должна мусулманинка уважуха))

  8. milonguero008 Reply

    Apart from Mennels singing being quite well, angelic – with "Halleluja", her eyes are mesmerizing. 🙂

  9. Marie Fréjaville Suzzarini Reply

    Que des voix exceptionnelles. Bravo 😄👏😘

  10. Ombeline Campain Reply

    Just Sheldon…. (even if I prefer his second blind audition)

  11. The girl singing Rise Up…wow! Sounds like a superstar who was been performing forever. Just beautiful.

  12. Albanina boy Reply

    Omg This Arabic Girl she's soooooo Amazing I Love Her Voice ❤

  13. Ron Haskell--ELE of AIR Reply

    Ha' EL-LU-YAH….Three Father's upon One Breath! 🙂

  14. 5:13 I’m from Czech Republic but I feel so embarrassed for the girl judge she is always making some face reaction but never turn in the best singers rarely I see her turn

  15. Harry Sangtam Reply

    Can someone please get me the name of the lady singing hallelujah

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