Top 10 Most Embarrassing Things That Happened to Ross on Friends

Top 10 Most Embarrassing Things That Happened to Ross on Friends // Subscribe:
The most embarrassing things that happened to Ross on Friends will make you cringe and PIVOT. We’re looking at the most humiliating and hilarious moments in Friends when luck just wasn’t on Ross’ side. Oh, Dr. Geller, when will you ever catch a break? MsMojo ranks the most embarrassing things that happened to Ross on Friends. What do you think is Ross’ most embarrassing moments? Let us know in the comments!
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  1. His fake accent (and then Rachel yelling at him in front of the whole class), the time when he was dating the same girl as Joey did, the salmon shirt (basically everything he did when he was dating Mona), or when he called to the condom manufacturer to complain? Gosh, the list goes on 😀 but nothing beats the time when he said Rachel's name at the altar when marrying Emily. I cannot believe it's just an honorable mention….

  2. can you plz make a part 2 to this? 😂

  3. Ross was the most infamous nerd cliche that show hollywood disdain for science.

  4. Some of the reasons why Ross is my favorite!! He always cracks me up. TOW Ross is Fine and when he's stuck between Rachel's dad and Mona always has me lmao.

  5. No Bagpipes???? Not even honourable??

  6. Even the clips are still funny.

  7. How is saying the wrong name at the altar not number 1?

  8. There are SO many but what about when he attacked those women thinking it was Rachel and Phoebe …ahhhh unagi!!!!….Def an honourable mention

  9. Ross actually has his own top 10 embarassing moments 😂 omg he cracks me up

  10. Not the best list… and fake tan definitely shouldn’t be at the top of that list :3

  11. No sandwich raging, no attacking to strangers, no white teeth, no PIVOT! ? What is wrong with this list? BTW, 'take thee Rachel' should be more than an honourable mention

  12. This is why Ross is my favorite character and David Schwimmer and his phenomenal acting skills along with his comedic timing is just impeccable!!

  13. I thought getting stuck in his pants should have been number one. Also, why wasn’t getting caught in Mona’s apartment on the list somewhere? Not even an honorable mention for that?! C’mon! lol

  14. what about when he tries to get his salmon shirt back?


  16. Ross saying the wrong name at the wedding souls easily be #1.

  17. Friends is awesome 😜

  18. lobve this stuff on ross

  19. These aren’t times Ross has bad this list should be called times Ross was shitty or annoying and got what he deserved plus some sitcom misfortune

  20. My favourite Friends character 😍😍☺️☺️☺️

  21. What about faking an accent, massively whitening his teeth, massaging an old man, leaving a message to himself on his machine, misinterpreting Rachel’s naked dance, getting back his salmon shirt at Mona’s place, sitting with the children at a wedding?

  22. It's not that luck wasn't on his side, he acted like a idiot most of the times

  23. Him stuck in his pants was waaaaaay more embarrassing..

  24. I think he had it the worst in season 5

  25. Am I the only one who hasn’t seen Jennifer Aniston in anything else other than this show and some commercials a few years back?

  26. How is the wrong name in his wedding with Emily an honorable mention.

  27. Could you do an E.R. related video? (It's my favorite show 😂)

  28. Can I ask, what did that scene with ross and monica at the doctors have to do with ross driving too slow?

  29. So why couldn't Ross have that cake? I didn't get that part.

  30. Teeth!

    What you wannna read more

  31. When he saw Rachel dancing naked and thought she wanted to have sex with him should be on the list

  32. maybe they took the "I take thee,Rachel" as a romantic thing and not as an embarassing thing..

  33. David Schwimmer
    is very funny!

  34. Before watching the video, there’s too many to count 😂♥️ more than 10 easily

  35. What about his bleached teeth?

  36. pivot….PIVot……PIVOT!!!!!!!!!!!

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