Top 10 Most Dangerous Rick Sanchez Inventions

Check out our featured song: “Little Wing” by Izzo Blues Coalition!
The most dangerous Rick Sanchez inventions have caused untold chaos across various realities. We’ll be looking at the most dangerous, irresponsible and deadly things that the eccentric mind of Rick Sanchez has ever cooked up and made a reality. With great intellect comes great responsibility, or at least… it should. WatchMojo ranks the most dangerous Rick Sanchez inventions. What do you think is Rick’s most dangerous invention? Let us know in the comments!
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  1. Check out our featured song: "Little Wing" by Izzo Blues Coalition!

  2. "I thought the whole point of having a dog was to feel superior, Jerry. If i were you I wouldn't pull that thread." lol – Rick Sanchez of earth c137.

  3. But you forget number 5#….he's fun to watch!!!

  4. Stop trying to make Soundmojo happen. IT'S NOT GONNA HAPPEN!


  6. plus the portals if spawned at the right or wrong time, can quickly slice someone clean in 2

  7. to be fair, rick didn't know it was flu season in rick potion #9

  8. Man that song was horrible

  9. Just want to ask a question about season 4 episode one if rick and morty are all episodes canon ? Why does rick's hand is the hand from the previous , didnt he died and transfer his mind on a clone, does the clone has that arm too?

  10. Hey watch mojo your content is good enough just for doing 10 tens no need to show your faces no one cares

  11. Sad that Rick didint invent the misseker box

  12. “I’m F*cking Dr. Who in this b*tch!”

  13. Rick is literally the order of chaos

  14. What about Abradolf Lincler?

  15. All rick invention goes self aware even though he didn't wanted that to happen

  16. 7:26 Wait… how is the television still working at regular speed if they've slowed down time almost to an halt?

  17. No. 1- Rick Himself

    Who created horrible things to Morty and made these? Rick Sanchez himself.

  18. you should go back to having the narrator's being voice only

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